Why We Ride Films Kicks Off Crowd Funding Campaign for New Film – I AM STURGIS

sturgisWhy We Ride Films, the production team that brought you Why We Ride, the most critically acclaimed motorcycle movie of all time, is launching a Kickstarter campaign to help fund its new film www.IAmSturgis.com.

“We’ve received thousands of letters from fans telling us that after seeing Why We Ride they decided to ‘throw their leg over two-wheels’ and become motorcyclists,” says James Walker, producer of Why We Ride. “We cannot stop with just one movie. This is now a movement, and we would love to have the community help us continue telling these inspiring stories about our motorcycle culture.”
The impetus for the new movie stems partly from this year’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally being the 75th Anniversary of that motorcycling institution. In recent years, the Sturgis rally has drawn half a million participants, but attendance estimates for this year’s anniversary rally exceed one million riders. There may never be a better time to capture the passion, dedication and camaraderie of the motorcycling community, and there certainly is no better place than the iconic Sturgis gathering.

When making Why We Ride, Sturgis was the first filming location, and it had an immediate emotional effect on the filmmakers. “There is a spirit there that enters you and grabs your heart,” says Bryan H. Carroll, producer/director. “The beauty of the Black Hills is God given. You put your hand on a boulder and you feel this energy; you can feel it in the air. It’s easy to understand why American Indians hold this place sacred.”
“Sturgis is not just a place–it’s who we are,” continues Carroll. “When you say, ‘I am an American,’ it’s not about your address or even where you were born. It’s in your DNA, your spirit. It’s why people from all over the world have been coming to this country for the past 250 years. It was always in them–they just needed a place to gather and be around like-minded people. This is the same story as Sturgis. There are many of us out there who are still venturing, still seeking out that next journey.”
To launch the project, Why We Ride Films hopes to raise $350,000 of the production budget for I AM STURGIS through their Kickstarter campaign. There are many contribution levels, starting with “The Wave,” a $5 donation that gets you a digital version of the movie poster. A $15 “First Ride” donation earns an early digital download of the film. Increasing donations up to $75 are rewarded with patches, pins, stickers, T-shirts and limited edition Blu-Ray/DVD film combo packs. Large-dollar (ranging from $125 to $10,000) donators receive Sturgis 75th Anniversary Club Rewards, movie premiere passes, and they can even get production credits (up to “associate producer” and “co-executive producer”) and private theatrical screenings in their hometowns.
“We made www.whyweride.com about a community,” says producer James Walker. “Now, we want to invite the community to help make our next film: I AM STURGIS!”

A campaign trailer for I AM STURGIS is viewable at www.IAmSturgis.com.

Why We Ride Films urges those with a passion for motorcycling to join them in bringing I AM STURGIS to the big screen. This is a collective endeavor, made by and for people with a fervor for riding. Anyone can pledge support and be a part of the movie. Those wanting to participate in crowdfunding this project can do so at www.IAmSturgis.com.

Harley-Davidson Turns To Roaring Motorcycles To Break Ground On Permanent Sturgis Location

Carey Hart motocross superstar Bill Davidson and Carey Hart

Harley-Davidson and the city of Sturgis traded-in gilded shovels and ceremonial hard hats for revving motorcycles and open-face helmets to break ground, or more accurately, tear it up to start construction of The Harley-Davidson Rally Point, the city’s new permanent year-round space for riders. “Sturgis is a mecca for riders around the world. The Harley-Davidson Rally Point establishes a new site in downtown Sturgis for people to gather year round,” said Bill Davidson, great-grandson of Harley-Davidson founder William A. Davidson and vice president of the Harley-Davidson Museum. “The renaming of 2nd Street to Harley-Davidson Way honors the legacy of our company’s founders along with all the extraordinary men and women who ride our motorcycles.”
Building on the 75-year agreement that makes Harley-Davidson the rally’s official motorcycle, The Rally Point – at the corner of Main Street and Harley-Davidson Way – will include a stage for events, concerts and weddings. An elevated area for riders to take pictures on their motorcycles with the iconic STURGIS sign as the backdrop is also part of the plan.
Harley-Davidson fans across the country suggested dozens of names for the new Main Street presence. The Rally Point – an enduring term for a ride-starting meeting place – rose to the top. Riders on three Harley-Davidson® motorcycles: a 1978 Super Glide with a Shovelhead engine, a 2015 Street™ 750, and a Project LiveWire motorcycle broke ground today on the new space, which will be open in time for the 75th Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™.

“Breaking ground on The Rally Point solidifies Harley-Davidson’s presence in Sturgis,” said Sturgis Mayor Mark Carstensen. “The Rally Point will be a hub for riders during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and it will serve as a gathering point for the citizens of Sturgis throughout the year.”

A Special Delivery from Milwaukee
To ensure the new multi-purpose space builds on the legacy of the brand and is pure Harley-Davidson, 74 bricks from the company’s Milwaukee headquarters, a building that once housed the company’s factory dating back more than 100 years, and one brick from the Harley-Davidson Museum will be integrated into The Rally Point’s final construction.
As part of the ceremonial groundbreaking, the bricks traveled 900 miles from Milwaukee on Harley-Davidson motorcycles and were delivered to Mayor Carstensen by members of the Harley Owners Group. Carey Hart, motocross star and 2015 Grand Marshall of the Sturgis City of Riders Mayor’s Ride, received the bricks with Mayor Carstensen.

Quick, Easy, Delicious Easter Treat!


Here is a quick Tasty treat to enjoy this Easter Holiday, it screams spring with the fresh berries!

Fresh Berry Bruschetta
2 tablespoons packed brown sugar
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 8 ounce carton plain whipped cream cheese spread
2 tablespoons snipped fresh mint
12 1/4-inch-thick diagonally-cut baguette-style French bread slices
2 tablespoons butter, melted
2 cups sliced fresh strawberries and/or blackberries

– Preheat oven to 300 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper; set aside. In a small bowl combine brown sugar and cinnamon; set aside. In a medium bowl stir together whipped cream cheese spread and mint until well mixed; set aside.
– Arrange bread slices on prepared baking sheet; brush lightly with melted butter. Sprinkle sugar-cinnamon mixture evenly over bread slices. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes or until golden brown and bubbly. Remove from oven.
– While bread slices are still warm, spread cream cheese mixture over. Using a potato masher or fork, very lightly mash berries. Divide berries among bread slices. Serve immediately.

Report from 2014 Ultimate Biker Makeover Winner; Chris Gibbany

challme with 56 pan

As we are anxiously getting ready to announce the 2015 Garage-Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover, last years winner, Chris Gibbany contacted us with an update to all of the exciting things that have been going on in her life since winning the 2014 Ultimate Biker Makeover!

“Since winning the Garage Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover last year, a lot of exciting changes have happened in my life.  I had a 1981 Corvette and a 1978 Z-28 that I owned 14 and 23 years respectively.  Well, I surprised everyone and sold BOTH of them!  I love making goals for myself and one of my latest goals was to own a MOPAR.  I ended up buying a 1974 Dodge Charger and shortly afterwards also bought a 1973 Dodge Rallye Challenger.  My Charger is home now after getting painted “Green Go” and the same day it came home, the Challenger was loaded up to come back “Plum Crazy Purple”.  
I am still riding my 1981 Ironhead after 5 years, but have also been riding my 1956 Panhead that I have been building in the living room for the last 6 years!  It has been in raw form (which I love) but I have decided to follow through with my original plan and the tins should be coming home this weekend painted.  I sold my Yamaha enduro that I had owned for over 8 years in order to have more Harley money.  I am also still working on my secret project that I bought over three years ago.

I have become a freelance writer, having articles published in Wrench Magazine, Thunderroads Oklahoma/Arkansas and have a bi-monthly column in Renegade Magazine.  I now get to use my photography skills to do something that involves bikes.  My life still revolves around motorcycles and hot rods!  I still have hedgehogs, but instead of 23 of them I have downsized to a mere nine.  

I was contacted by a company called Motorcycle House to see if I would be interested in testing and KEEPING motorcycle related items in exchange for doing reviews on my blog.  I of course, said YES!  In addition to all of the great prizes that I won through Garage-Girls, I am now getting to try out even more cool things.  

I have gotten to share my story and my continued life of frugality with tons of different people, including national magazines and popular blogs.  Everything that I have accomplished is because I have worked hard and kept my priorities straight.  I have only worked for minimum wage.  In the newest edition of Renegade Magazine, I talk about all the ways in which I am frugal in order to have what I do.  Some of it sounds extreme, but my motto has always been “Whatever it takes!”

It is my dedication that allows me to have the things I truly want.  It is also that determination that I would like to share in hope that it helps inspire others. 

Winning the Garage-Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover was truly a dream come true.  I would tell anyone who is thinking about entering to just do it! ” 

Chris Gibbany
Harrison, Arkansas

baby hedgehog

Avon Tyres Sponsors Ives Brothers Wall of Death Tour

Avon-Wall-of-Death-Ives-BrothersBrothers Cody and Kyle Ives have been thrilling crowds with the incredible Wall of Death motorcycle show for more than 12 years, and Avon Tyres will support the team this year as the official tire sponsor.

The Ives brothers will launch a 16-date tour beginning this month with their first stop in Naples, Fla. at the Collier County Fair. Cody, age 22, performs with both a 1960 Harley Davidson Hummer 165 and a 1974 Harley Davidson SX250. Kyle, age 21, performs with a 1953 Harley Davidson Hummer 165, a 1974 Harley Davidson SX175 and a 1984 Honda CB125. All of the Ives brothers’ bikes will be riding on the popular Avon Roadrider tires this season.

“These guys are just incredible at what they do, and we’re proud to support them as a tire sponsor this year,” said Ken Warner, Vice President of Marketing for Avon Tyres. “The Avon Roadrider has been specially designed with a large contact patch for excellent grip at lean angles – perfect for Cody and Kyle. We’re looking forward to a great season.”

Follow the Ives brothers Wall of Death schedule via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. For more information about Avon Tyres, visit http://www.avonmoto.com.



LowDown™ Solos For FL Touring Bikes Launched

The secret is out! No need to keep it on the down-low any longer — announcing Mustang’s newest Solo seat for touring bikes. The LowDown™ Solo was specifically engineered for 2009-2015 Harley-Davidson® FL Touring models to give riders a lower seat height without compromising on comfort.

“Touring riders asked, Mustang listened,” says Mustang’s Director of Business Development, Marilyn Simmons. “Now riders can be lower on their FLs without compromising long-distance comfort.” The Solo’s 13″ wide bucket is shaped and angled for optimal touring posture on the go, according to Simmons. “But the real bonus is the fact that the LowDown™ really does drop the rider down closer to the ground. The Solo seat is also cut narrow at the front so you can plant your feet firmly on the ground at a stop.”

Available with or without studs, riders can opt for chrome studs or really bring on the bling with black pearl-centered chrome studs! Pair it with a Mustang passenger seat if you want company, or run it solo to go it alone, suggests Simmons.

The LowDown™ seats also come with slotted mounting nuts and Mustang’s mini bib for a complete custom look. “For even more long-distance comfort, add Mustang’s fully adjustable, easily removable driver backrest,” says Simmons. “Bottom line for the LowDown: it puts your butt closer to the ground, without being a pain in the posterior… or your wallet!”

For more specifics, check out the website here

In addition to seats for FL series touring bikes, Mustang has replacement seats for virtually all late model Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. How would you like a free seat for your bike or trike? Mustang’s customer GIVEAWAYS program kicked-off during Bike Week in Daytona and the next winner will be announced at the Laughlin River Run.


Motorcyclist Rescues Abused Dog abandoned in Crate.


From Life with Dogs
On January 31, 2015, Bret Winingar from Little Rock, Ark., was out riding his motorcycle with some friends and family members when he came across an old pet carrier tossed in a field on the side of the road. At first Winingar thought nothing of it, but upon inspection, he discovered an emaciated female dog left trapped inside the crate.
No one knows for sure how long the dog had been abandoned in the crate, but the black colored dog was extremely under weight, had her nails so long they were embedded under her own paws, and presented an unnatural posture due to the prolonged entrapment in a cage too small for her size.
At first the motorcyclist drove away but not because they were turning their back on the dog, but because they went to get food and help.
Winingar and another motorist named Zach came back with a bag of dog food. They opened the crate and learned the abandoned dog had tried desperately to chew through the plastic crate. They fed the dog small amounts of food and left her in the field while they went to get their truck to transport the dog to safety.
The men named the dog Charlie Bravo (CB) and Winingar welcomed her to his home where became the fifth rescue pet. Winingar originally planned to find her a forever home but after nursing CB back to health and falling in love with her personality, the rescuer decided to keep her.
Based on the dog’s initial lack of social skills and her skittishness toward human interaction, rescuers believed she lived most of her life inside that crate. But thanks to the love and care the Winingar family have given her, Charlie Bravo has blossomed into an amazing, friendly and healthy pet.


CB has more than doubled her weight since rescued. She is very playful with her fur siblings and enjoys sleeping on the couch.
A Facebook page called “Charlie Bravo; rescued motorcycle dog” set up by her rescuers helped Charlie Bravo gain local news attention and thanks to the page and the local coverage, many people donated money to help cover the dog’s extensive medical costs.
Winingar says that after paying CB’s medical bills there were enough funds left over and the family plans to use them to start a foundation called “Charlie’s Angels.” They want to honor CB and the outpouring support they’ve received from the community. Winingar says the foundation will benefit other abused and abandoned pets in need.
Check out the Charlie Bravo Facebook Page

MUSTANG TAKES FLIGHT! Mustang 35th Anniversary Campaign Takes Off In Daytona

MMP15_Daytona Joey_HeroCard_FinalMustang Motorcycle Products, LLC is ready to celebrate the launch of it’s 35th anniversary in style. The iconic “Pegasus” winged horse logo is set to soar to new heights in 2015. New products, a new look and a new catalog commemorating this milestone kick off a yearlong celebration from the seat manufacturer… all starting at Bike Week when the campaign officially takes off on March 6th in Daytona.

“Daytona is when the riding season takes off and it is the perfect venue to launch our anniversary campaign,” explains Mustang Marketing Director Marilyn Simmons. “Our name comes from the legendary P-51 Mustang airplane, so that became the theme for our high flying 35th Anniversary celebration. We are proud of the fact Mustang seats are still handcrafted in Three Rivers, Massachusetts, and we really wanted to spread our wings to commemorate this historical happening. Now is the time to get the message out to a new type of rider who might not know Mustang’s history or quality.”

A two-pronged campaign will see Mustang’s big rig (complete with a 35th Anniversary Logo wrap) headquartered in its customary location at Daytona International Speedway, with a second front taking off at J&P Cycles Destination Daytona Superstore in neighboring Ormond Beach, Florida. “Stop by either Mustang display to see all the latest seats and pick up the 2015 catalogs hot off the presses,” says Simmons.

Daytona Bike Week will also see the first of the 5-For-35 seats awarded to the winner of the ongoing social media campaign. Even if you can’t ride to Daytona for Bike Week, you are still eligible to enter the contest as Mustang will be giving away a free seat to the top vote-getter during the run-up to five different rallies this year.
More details can be found at:

Female Stunt Rider Sarah Lezito

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t mourn the loss of my dear friend, female Motor Drome, Wall of Ddeath Rider Samantha Morgan.  Watching Sarah ride reminds me of the emotions of Samantha Morgan.   Samantha’s passion would just ooze out of her and be forced into your heart as she performed.  I can’t explain it, I can only try to share it with you, watch this video, you might get it. This young girl Sarah, has that passion. Feel it, it’s contagious!