Q&A with Spectro Oils

We recently saw this question asked of Spectro Oils and wanted to share the info with you all, as we found it very inofrmative. If you have any other specific oil or lube question be sure to head over to Spectro’s site, as they do a great job keeping everyone informed and up-to-date on certain products.

Your data sheet indicates a GL-5 rating. Some discussions, including the Mobil-1 website, state that the additives in GL-5 oils are detrimental to “yellow metal” parts in the trans. Is your GL-5 transmission oil different?”

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Spectro 6 Speed is GL5 rated but is safe to use in GL1 applications. We use a different formula (developed by Spectro) than other brands that is buffered, this formula will not attack “bright” metals such as brass, bronze and copper found in older transmissions. It’s more expensive to produce, but we feel the performance is well worth the cost. It also improves shifting in most applications, reduces noise (5th gear whine in HD 6 speeds) and is highly resistive to shear and loading.

Happy New Year

New-Year-2014Looking forward, we want to wish you all the best for the 2014 year to come.


Now is the time we all start longing to get out on the road, enjoy our motorcycles, hot rods, bicycles or any toy that is in our garage and have the opportunity to meet up with old friends and make new ones.  We are happy to announce GEICO as our title sponsor of the Ultimate Biker Makeover 2014 edition, stay tuned for announcements on that contest that gives you the opportunity to score all kinds of parts and accessories for you AND your motorcycle.  Hope you have heat in your garage so you can sit by your machines and dream of the warm weather to come!