The Perfect Spring Boot, and Everything Else


I write in hopes of the now very real possibility of finally putting a bullet between the Hellish eyes of this brutal winter and setting my sights on the thawing mess of a new spring, and impatiently awaiting summer in all of its glory and comfortable riding weather alike. But in the mean time, I’ve come across a boot that seem to span all of these horrible and wonderful seasons, as well as a multitude of terrains and styles, if that’s important.

I have spent many a rough mile in the Darice boot by Harley-Davidson Footwear, and have enjoyed every one of them. Miles of riding, hiking, walking, partying, sleeping…. This boot gave a feeling of a well broken-in boot that I had worn for years, right out of the box. It is soft, comfortable, and very flexible. Flexible in a way that allows the wearer to experience an ease of walking without feeling the greater discomforts of wicked terrain through the sole. Comfortable in a way that allows you to confidently place your feet on your motorbike without feeling every imperfection in the highway system pulsing up through your musculoskeletal system in such a way that old, worn-out combat boots afford you..

I would recommend this boot for a walk through the best bars and down the worst roads, for a night out on the town or a night out blasting down the Interstate system at top speed, for a hike down a wooded trail or a hike to the parts store for your freshly broke-down Shovelhead. It is a wonderful boot in all respects. Visit the site to check them out up close and locate a dealer near you that has ’em on the shelf!