“Nothing Gold Can Stay” RIP Johnny Chop

RIP Johnny Chop,  6 years gone, missed more every day by family, friends and fans. Johnny was a no BS straight up guy that could do all the work himself, from fabricating to wrenching, to body work, the guy was a craftsman and a visionary. More importantly he was a friend to many of us, and he is deeply missed every day. I leave you with this a poem by Robert Frost..

Nothing Gold Can Stay
Natures First Green is Gold
Her heart is hue to hold
her early leaves a flower,
but only so an hour
so leaves subside to leave
so eden sank to grief
so dawn goes down today
nothing gold can stay


Any Coonhound fans out there? If so, you have to come in and meet Ace, a 4 year old Treeing Walker Coonhound. Ace greets everyone he meets with a happy “Woof!” and a goofy grin! His previous owners were moving and could not take him with them. However, they did mention that he seems to be housebroken, crate trained, and that he doesn’t chew! This awesome man previously lived with kids, and he would love to go home with a tiny human that he could call a friend. He loves everyone he meets except for cats – he hasn’t learned yet not to chase them. Because he is a young guy, he is energetic and will need a family willing to provide him with sufficient and appropriate exercise. He would love to hike, walk or jog with his new family. His two favorite things are treats and people! When he is presented with both humans and food, he runs after people with his raw hide hanging out of his mouth! Can you open your home to this wonderful boy? Stop in at Animal  Friends in Pittsburgh  – he cannot wait to meet you!

Arizona Bike Week; Hot Leathers on the Scene!

March 28th through April 1st, 2012, five full days of action packed events and activities during Arizona Bike Week.

For those in the know, every year Hot Leathers makes their presence known at this annual motorcycle celebration and they are looking forward to making their yearly trek out west to Arizona and are fired up and ready to go!

Hot Leathers will have all the Arizona Bike Week gear as the official merchandiser for this renowned bike festival and this action-packed week.  Arizona Bike Week is sure to be the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime experience for bikers from all over the U.S.  In addition to potentially record-breaking crowds, there will be an impressive array of bikes, rides and entertainment throughout the entire week.

Celebrate your pooch with a Pup- Pie!

Don’t be ashamed, you want to spoil your pets rotten, right?    It’s ok admit it,   you’re not alone, we all do. Why shouldn’t we celebrate the best companion in our life?  I recently did just that with my adopted Boston Terrier “Jasper”.  Jasper was adopted on July 1st from the Western PA Humane Society, and on his papers I was able to figure out his birthdate.  So to celebrate his 1st Birthday I wanted to give him something a little extra special.  I headed over to my local pet store (Healthy Pet Products in Pittsburgh, PA) and picked out a Pup-Pie from the Lazy Dog Cookie Company.  There are many “pies” to choose from, but I choose the “Happy Birthday” pie (it even comes with a little Happy Birthday Marker to place on top of the Pie)  As a concerned pet owner over what I feed my dog, I knew this treat would be all natural ingredients as Healthy Pet Products only carries this type of food and treats. Sorry, but you won’t catch me buying pet treats made in China to feed my guy.  Anyway, it was great Jasper LOVED it, and I had a blast making his special day all that much more fun for the BOTH of us.  I also grabbed some “Pup-Squeaks” for him and yup, he gobbled those right up too.   After posting the pic of him celebrating with his Pup-Pie on facebook I had tons of requests as to where I got that Birthday Pie treat. So I thought I’d share my story with you guys and fill you in on where you can get one to spoil your special companion with! Go ahead, spoil ’em rotten, they deserve it. If you do, take a pic and send it in to me here at sara@garage-girls.com


Things change. Who hasn’t experienced the ebb and flow of life? Zoey’s life changed when her family could no longer keep her. This big, beautiful girl is still getting used to life in a shelter. She’s a bit frightened out in her new world, but, Zoey will relax when petted and brushed. A calm and mature cat, Zoey would love to sit and watch the world go by with you.
She’s very eager to give and receive affection, and just petting her seems to calm the stress of an everyday routine. Her former owners say a quiet home with no children would be the happiest place for Zoey to live. She would like to be your only cat. Please open your heart to Zoey. Come in and talk to an adoption counselor to see if Zoey is right for you. Change can be good. When one door closes, another one opens. Zoey would love for you to open that door. Stop by and meet her today at Animal Friends.