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V-Twin Expo Report

SLP_7630_ SLP_7633_ SLP_7637_ SLP_7689_ SLP_7725_ SLP_7723_ SLP_7726_ SLP_7732_ SLP_7735_ SLP_7738_ SLP_7745_A quick peek into exciting moto stuff to come in 2016. This is the show to find all of the greatest vendors, OEM’s and aftermarket guru’s showcasing their best newest products and trusted favorites to the dealers who proudly offer them to you.  Dealers and media can enjoy some one on one time with the companies direct, an excellent opportunity to further education with conversations and examples.   Of course there is also the informative seminars  provided by the V-Twin Expo where you could get some inside tips from top industry experts.    As usual one of the highlights of attending this show is the opportunity to spend some time with friends from all over that you might not get to see very often.  It has become the “pre-Season” starter to get everyone fired up for the riding season to come and the amazing products that will be hitting the streets.

Soap Box Derby Anyone?


If you have thought about getting involved in soap box derby racing here is a great chance to check it out in the Cleveland area!

The Cleveland Soap Box Derby has announced it will be holding an Indoor Rally at the 2016 I-X Piston Powered Auto-Rama Show. The Indoor Rally track will be 250 feet long and will feature side-by-side racing in the Hot Rod Asylum. Participant’s registration will be handled through the Cleveland Soap Box Derby at

The Cleveland Soap Box Derby will be holding fun runs for future Soap Box Derby racers on Friday, March 18th from 3 pm to 10 pm at the show. Future racers that are age eligible and would like to get into a soap box derby will be given the opportunity to make a run down the indoor rally track.  On Saturday, March 19th and Sunday, March 20th, racers will hold an All-American Soap Box Derby Rally and will be racing for points. Once the races are completed, the fun runs will open to the public, time permitting.

The show will be celebrating its 50 years in Cleveland having started in 1967 at the Cleveland Convention Center with “The Former Fifty” and the “Featured Fifty” vehicles. The Former Fifty are winners from the past which will be displayed on Thunder Row as part of the 2016 Cruisin’ Times All Stars and the Featured Fifty.


Ultimate Biker Makeover 2014; Chris Gibbany!

chris chrisbike

We get very excited when we hear from past winners of the Ultimate Biker Makeover.  We have to give big props to 2014 Winner Chris Gibbany. Chris does an amazing job of staying in touch with us, and we are just thrilled to call her a friend. The biggest goal of the Ultimate Biker Makeover, and Garage-Girls in general is to bring us like minded “Garage-Folk” together. Thank you Chris for embracing this philosophy!

Here is the latest from Chris direct;

“Since my last update, my life has been as exciting as ever!  My 1974 Charger is finally finished and I have to say that I am super excited to get it out to shows and cruise-ins this year.  My husband and I have started a “Throwback Thursdays” at the local Kenda Drive-In here in Arkansas.  One Thursday a month we will be showing a “car movie” and let people with pre-1980 cars and trucks enjoy a blast from the past.  Last year I became the Arkansas Representative for the Global Women Who Ride project–  This is the brainchild of Rashmi Tambe, a female rider from Washington.  She started it in early 2014 to showcase women from around the world.  She is currently looking for other women riders from each state and each country to feature.  She is active on a lot of different sites and can be found here: 

I have been a member of Cool Rides Online (CRO) since 2012 and am eager to announce that I just recently became a CRO Champion!  I now have the opportunity to promote and work with Gold Eagle, the company that sponsors CRO at local and national car shows and bike rallies.   I am also pleased to be featured on Throttle Gals calendar (for the third year in a row) as Miss August, proudly wearing my Garage Girls tank top!  I am equally proud of the fact that my rescue pit bull, Solomon and I are included in The Pit Stop Rescue calendar this year.  I am a huge animal lover and supporter of rescue animals.    I am excited that my passion for hot rods and motorcycles is being rewarded.  I would like to inspire and motivate others to the fact that as long as you believe it will happen, it eventually will.
Keep positive and let positive things flow through you.”
-Chris Gibbany

Hey Past winners, we would love to hear from you, Send an email to and let us know what you have been up to!

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation Introduces its “Riding Straight – Marijuana Awareness” Host-An-Event Kit to Demonstrate the Importance of  Riding Unimpaired


The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has introduced the newest member of its Host-An-Event family of traffic safety-themed courses-in-a-box: the Riding Straight – Marijuana Awareness Host-An-Event Kit. The Kit is a fun, effective way to demonstrate to motorcyclists how marijuana can affect the crucial skills required for safe motorcycle riding.

Marijuana is gaining acceptance as having legitimate medicinal applications and as a recreational drug in the United States, as evidenced by recent trends in state laws permitting its use. As of January 2016, 23 states and the District of Columbia allow marijuana for medical use, and four states (Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington) plus DC allow it for recreational use by adults 21 and over.

Although marijuana may be legal for medicinal or recreational use in one’s state, it is still not legal, safe, or wise to operate a motor vehicle while impaired by marijuana, since it tends to distort perception of time, space, and speed. This is especially true for motorcycle riders, who must continually make detailed assessments of complex traffic situations and make split-second decisions requiring precise rider input to navigate safely and maintain an adequate safety margin.

MSF already addresses alcohol-impaired riding in its popular Riding Straight – Alcohol Awareness Host-An-Event Kit, which uses Innocorp’s Fatal Vision® Alcohol Impairment Simulation Goggle so participants can experience alcohol impairment with a sober mind – and no hangover.

Similarly, MSF’s Riding Straight – Marijuana Awareness kit uses Innocorp’s new Marijuana Impairment Simulation Goggle at the core of three separate activities that demonstrate how marijuana and motorcycling are a risky mix. As with all MSF Host-An-Event kits, the Marijuana Awareness kit can be purchased and used by anyone interested in being a facilitator for special events, riding club meetings and rallies, and community outreach programs, without any certification from MSF or prior experience as a teacher.

The Goggle cannot truly replicate the effects of a marijuana “high,” but the unique way in which it distorts perceptions causes some impairments. The participant then needs to attempt to compensate for these impairments to complete the kit’s activities. Because the impairments are in the same general areas of cognition and motor skills affected by marijuana, the participant can get a sense of the challenges a “high” driver or motorcyclist would face when dealing with traffic situations.

According to MSF President and CEO Tim Buche, “MSF’s message with our new Riding Straight – Marijuana Awareness Host-An-Event Kit is clear: Do not operate your motorcycle or any motor vehicle if you are impaired by marijuana, and find alternate transportation if you are planning to be under the influence of marijuana at your destination. Not only is it unsafe, but just as with alcohol, riders impaired by marijuana can be convicted of riding under the influence, and be subjected to similar harsh penalties.”

For safety information or to enroll in the RiderCourse nearest you, visit or call (800) 446-9227.

J&P Cycles is Title Sponsor of the Ultimate Builder Custom Biker Show!


For more than 30 years, the Progressive® International Motorcycle Shows® have been the premier winter destination for more than 600,000 powersports fans nationwide. You’ll find all of the latest models and accessories available for motorcycles, ATVs and scooters from the industry’s leading manufacturers, along with seminars, action features and historic motorcycle displays. Each show also features the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show, where dozens of competitors show off their custom builds. Stop by the J&P Cycles kiosk to pick up your J&P Cycles catalogs and complete a brief survey on a tablet to enter to win great prizes.  Save $3 on tickets with promo code: JPCW16

Locations are:
New York City:

Danell Lynn Completes Guinness World Record Attempt


After travelling more than 53,000 miles across the country in one year, motorcyclist Danell Lynn has completed her Guinness World Record-breaking attempt on Avon tires.

When she set out on her 2006 Triumph Bonneville for a trip she dubbed, “One Woman, One Bike, One Year” on Sept. 19, 2014, Lynn knew this would be a life-changing journey. What she didn’t know was how quickly the constantly changing weather and road conditions would wear out her tires. That’s where Roadrider tires from Avon Tyres made all the difference.

“The benefits of the Avon tires were outstanding,” stated Lynn. “The Avon Roadrider’s outperformed any other tire I’d tried, providing up to 11,000 miles on the rears, and up to 20,000 miles on the fronts. They proved road worthy through the backcountry roads, as well as the highway, and the ultimate challenge in northern Alaska, the Dalton Highway into the Arctic Circle. I simply could not have been happier with these tires.”
Lynn’s Guinness World Record attempt – in the category of “longest journey by motorcycle in a single country” – was achieved by riding through the 48 contiguous United States. The most recent Guinness World Record in this category was set in 2014 – a 23,760-mile run. Lynn’s trip totaled 53,800 miles and has now been submitted to Guinness World Records for confirmation of the new record.

“When Danell called us to share her story, we were thrilled to provide our proven Roadrider tires for the remainder of her trip,” said Ken Warner, Vice President of Marketing for Avon Motorcycle Tyres North America. “We celebrate her completion of this incredible journey and her safe return home. We’re proud to have been a small part of her success.”

Mustang’s Hometown Hero Hits The Big Apple!

MMP15_DDatkioskMustang Seats is dropping in on the 2016 Progressive International Motorcycle Show (IMS) at the Javits Center with some surprises this weekend. Look for local daredevil Doug Danger to land at the Mustang display in NYC, along with our staff of seat experts and some other surprises at the IMS tour stop this weekend. Spanning 10 cities and stretching from October 2015 to February 20-21, 2016, Mustang will be at every venue this season.

“In addition to treating people to the finest seats in the house, we are thrilled that our neighborhood daredevil Doug Danger will be channeling his inner Evel Knievel and landing at the Mustang display in the Marketplace section of the show when he is not on the main stage,” says Mustang’s business development director, Marilyn Simmons. Of course the real star of the show will be the seats that Mustang handcrafts in their historic Three Rivers, MA factory.

“Come by the display and sit on one of our ‘seat horses’ to get a feel for the most comfortable motorcycle seat you have ever sat on! Not only does this give a rider a better feel for the seat, but we have even positioned some foot pegs on the seat horses so that a passenger can feel the difference when riding two-up,” says Simmons. IMS show-goers should look for the brand new Mustang kiosk in the Marketplace section.

Featured at each stop on the IMS Tour, the Marketplace is an interactive retail space for motorcycle parts and accessories. This unique show-within-a-show offers attendees the opportunity to touch, test and/or try the newest top parts, accessories and gear while interacting with factory specialists from leading manufacturers.

The destination may be the ride, but the overall experience is even better when the pilot and the passenger are comfortable! Drop in at the Mustang display and discover the Mustang difference for yourself at the Big Apple IMS event. See the full schedule of International Motorcycle Shows at:

J&P Cycles Ranks Among 25 Retailers With Best Customer Service

Just in time for online Christmas shopping, J&P Cycles, was recently featured in a Business Insider report which listed the top 25 retailers with the best customer service. It’s an illustrious group of retailers too, with the likes of Apple, Nordstrom, Zappos, LL Bean included as well. J&P has been dedicated to optimizing the customer experience since its fledgling days in the late ‘70s. Founded by John and Jill Parham, J&P Cycles provides motorcycle parts and accessories through its mail-order catalog, online retail site and at its Destination Daytona Super Store in Ormand Beach, Florida.
The Business Insider report cites a Stella Service survey which sought to determine which companies provided the best customer service from August through October 2015. Telephone and email service, shipping and return policies were all evaluated in the survey. In the overall ranking, J&P finished 24th of 25, was 10th of all companies surveyed in the chat-based response service area, 14th overall in shipping and 18th in returns. We would have to say that is pretty darn good. Way to go J&P Cycles!

Mustang Has The Best Seat In The House For IMS Tour


Ready to check out the difference a comfortable seat makes? Mustang rolls into the 2016 Progressive International Motorcycle Show (IMS) series with some surprises starting this weekend in Portland, Oregon. One year after Mustang celebrated its 35th anniversary, the IMS tour kicks off its own 35th edition of the largest motorcycle shows in the country. Spanning 10 cities and stretching from October 2015 to the final stop in Phoenix on February 20-21, 2016,

“This Halloween weekend, we will be treating people in Portland to the finest seats in the house,” says Mustang’s business development director, Marilyn Simmons. “No tricks, just the most comfortable motorcycle seats you have ever experienced.” To facilitate even more experiences, a couple of new “seat-horses” (think saw horses for seats) have been incorporated into the display.

“Not only does this give a rider a better feel for the seat, but we have even positioned some foot pegs on the seat horses so that a passenger can feel the difference when riding two-up,” says Simmons. IMS show-goers should look for the brand new Mustang kiosk in the Marketplace section.

Featured at each stop on the IMS Tour, the Marketplace is an interactive retail space for motorcycle parts and accessories. This unique show-within-a-show offers attendees the opportunity to touch, test and/or try the newest top parts, accessories and gear while interacting with factory specialists from leading manufacturers. Mustang’s Rally director John Glynn will be on hand for the weekend to work the display. “We think it is important to have factory trained experts on hand to explain the Mustang difference,” says Glynn. “There is more to a seat than meets the eye!”

The destination may be the ride, but the overall experience is even better when the pilot and the passenger are comfortable! Discover the Mustang difference and enhance your riding comfort at the IMS tour stops this season. See the full schedule of International Motorcycle Shows at: