4 year old Domestic shorthair
I was surrendered to Animal Friends because my owner just had too many cats in the house. They tell me that there was an infamous gangster who bore my name, but I can assure you I’m far from being a criminal!
I love to play, but I’ve never been around those little people called children. I’m not sure if I’d like to live with them, so perhaps an adults only home would be best for me.
I’m a domestic short hair, and as you know, all those fashion folk say that “Black goes with everything.” Since I have such easy-to-groom short, hair, I am definitely a low maintenance cat.      Finally, if you are actually bothered by my name, you can change it to something in the law enforcement genre like maybe Elliot or G-Man! Just stop by Animal Friends and meet me today!

“Are you one of ‘those’ girls” contest winner announced.

VaVaVroom announced its winner for the “Are you one of ‘those’ girls” contest. Tamela Rich with 577 votes takes home the grand prize. The contest was held on the company’s Facebook page from October 1 through November 9, 2010. In keeping with the company’s tagline – Riding. Fashion. Fun., the contest asked women motorcycle and scooter riders to answer the following questions in 250 words or less:
•What do you ride that makes you one of “those” girls?
•What do you wear that makes you one of “those” girls?
•What do you do for fun that makes you one of “those” girls?
VaVaVroom founder, Denise Maple, noted that VaVaVroom “wanted to recognize and celebrate the individuality and community of women riders”.
Tamela’s contest entry was titled “A Real MAMA (Middle-Aged Motorsport Athlete)”. She explains how, at the age of 48, she learned to ride a motorcycle. Three short months after learning to ride, she decided to take her skills to the road in a 7,500 mile journey from North Carolina to Oregon with a pink bra-adorned windshield to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. In her efforts, along with a few dozen other “those” girls, she raised $40,000 for the cause.
“It was fun broadening the range of what “kind” of woman is one of THOSE GIRLS! I’m grateful for my friends taking time to vote for me and for writing such nice notes at the bottom of my entry.  I’m a writer, so thanks to VaVaVroom I can now claim that I’ve won my first essay contest — a double win”, said Tamela.
It is because of her story and her efforts that she was named VaVaVroom’s “Those” Girls Contest winner. She wins a collection of motorcycle and scooter products with an approximate retail value of $679, as follows:
·VaVaVroom Those Girls hoodie
· VaVaVroom Map Clip
·VaVaVroom ceramic magnet
·Clear Shot Lens Cleaning Kit
·Zox Odyssey full face helmet
·Warm & Safe Heated Clothing Gen2 Women’s Heated Liner & 3-level Controller  with Remote Control
·Euro Mami “Piston Love tank top and four styles of motorcycle tire and chain wristbands
·Mods vs. Rockers tee
·Garage-Girls Black Piston Logo T-shirt
·signed copy of Chicks on Bikes photography book by Christina Shook
·signed copy of American Borders: A Motorcycling Misadventure around America on a Russian Motorcycle by Carla King
·Women’s motorcycle socks by Techsox
· Exclusive interview on Side Stand Up motorcycle radio program airing on December 14, 2010
Congrats to Tamela!


Don’t forget why it’s important to drink at least 60 ounces of water daily..
Over 50 percent of an adult’s body is water; that figure goes as high as 75 percent in an infant. Blood is 80 percent water and even muscles are 70 percent water. The waterway flows through your body, delivers nutrients to cells and carries away waste. Water acts as your body’s cooling system, moving heat to the skin surface where it evaporates away in sweat and breath. Water lubricates joints, softens skin, and makes muscles work more smoothly. If your body is temporarily short of water – a condition called “dehydration” – every organ in your body is affected.
Pre-hydrate yourself by drinking at least two glasses (16 ounces) of water an hour or so before you work out. As you work up a sweat, take frequent sips of water, as dehydration makes muscles tire more easily. After exercising, top off with two more glasses of water to rehydrate yourself.
Bodies lose a lot of water with illnesses that cause fever, vomiting, or diarrhea. Becoming dehydrated makes you feel doubly sick.
Thirst means your body already has a water shortage. Best to drink enough water so you don’t get thirsty. If thirsty, quench your thirst and then drink two more glasses of water. This is especially important for senior citizens, since the thirst signal declines with age.
drinking cold water will burn more calories than warm water, that is because your body has to “warm” the water up, which burns calories

Still have a little Turkey Left????

Jenna from Pampered Chef shares another great recipe to cure the leftover turkey blues, delicious turkey nachos!
Jerk Turkey Nachos
1 bag tortilla chips
3 cups diced cooked turkey
8 oz. Monterey Jack Cheese
2 T Jamaican Jerk Rub (you can order from Pampered Chef)
1 small red bell pepper
1 lime
2 T snipped fresh cilantro
¼ C sour cream and 1 t additional Jamaican Jerk Rub
Preheat oven to 425°F.  Arrange tortilla chips in a slightly overlapping layer on Large Round Stone.  In Classic Batter Bowl, combine turkey, cheese and 1 T of the Jamaican Jerk Rub; mix gently using small Mix ‘N Scraper.  Sprinkle turkey mixture evenly over tortilla chips.  Bake 5 – 7 minutes or until cheese is melted; remove from oven to Stackable Cooling Rack.  Meanwhile, dice bell pepper with Santoku Knife.  Cut lime in half crosswise.  Juice half of the lime using Citrus Press into Small Batter Bowl; add remaining jerk rub and bell pepper and mix well.  Snip cilantro in mincing cup of Herb Keeper using Professional Shears.  Slice the remaining lime half in half and then into slices.  Spoon bell pepper mixture over nachos; sprinkle evenly with cilantro.  If desired, combine sour cream and additional jerk rub in resealable plastic bag; trim corner to allow sour cream to flow through.  Pipe sour cream mixture over nachos; garnish with lime slices.


9 year old English Springer spaniel mix
Sweet, gentle and lovable is how the staff and volunteers describe Creole. She is a spaniel mix with a soft, silky coat and big, beautiful eyes.
Sadly, Creole came from a home where she lived with 50 other dogs. She isn’t familiar with being handled or receiving much attention from people. Because of her past she is a bit fearful and hesitant, although during her time here she has become more relaxed and trusting.
She has quickly learned how to walk on a leash and really enjoys the fresh air. She is unsure what to do with toys but is hoping her new family can teach her how to have fun and play. She looks so forward to being part of a family where she is loved and cared for and will reward you with lots of love and affection in return.
Creole would like to find a forever home that is quiet, with older children and one that has another dog. If you have room in your heart and home for this little darling, stop by the Adoption Desk at Animal Friends and arrange to meet her.

GreenCarReports Names the 2011 Nissan Leaf Its ‘Best Green Car to Buy 2011

GreenCarReports, the Web’s fastest growing green car information site, named the 2011 Nissan Leaf its “Best Green Car to Buy 2011″ as part of its coverage of the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show, which includes reporting, analysis, photography, as well as real-time Twitter coverage from the show floor.
GreenCarReports’ “Best Green Car to Buy Award” is chosen from a field of the most significant new vehicles with advanced fuel-saving technology, including stand-alone nameplates and single models alike.     Editors judge the award using the same system sister site TheCarConnection employs to rate mainstream passenger cars and trucks, with environmental impact being the deciding factor in favor of the winner.
The 2011 Nissan Leaf makes history as the first mass-market electric vehicle offered for sale in the U.S., according to John Voelcker, Editor of GreenCarReports.  The Leaf was chosen from among finalists such as the 2011 Chevrolet Volt, 2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, 2011 Lexus CT 200h, and the 2011 Honda CR-Z.
“The 2011 Leaf is a huge step for green car shoppers as they try to kick the oil habit and move on the grid,” Voelcker says. “The Leaf simply acts like any conventional passenger vehicle, but one with a purpose—to turn on car shoppers to electric cars, for once and for all.”
GreenCarReports reports on what’s coming in the auto industry’s future, and explains how the green movement matters to car shoppers today.

Use up that Leftover Turkey, White Turkey Chili

Your sick of the leftovers, and the cooking, here’s an easy one that will spice the turkey back up for you, compliments of Pampered Chef Consultant Jenna!
Microwave White Turkey Chili
3 whole heads garlic (about 48 cloves), unpeeled
¾ tsp salt, divided
3 tbsp olive oil, divided
2 poblano peppers
1 medium onion
2-3 cups cooked turkey
2 tbsp Southwestern Seasoning Mix
2 cans (15.5 oz each) Great Northern beans, drained
1 jar (16 oz) salsa verde
Using (5-in.) Santoku Knife, slice about 1/4 in. off the pointed top of garlic heads to expose cloves. Place garlic cut side up in Classic Batter Bowl. Sprinkle garlic with 1/4 tsp of the salt and drizzle with 2 tbsp of the oil. Cover batter bowl with lid; microwave on HIGH 3 minutes or until garlic is soft. Set aside to cool.
Meanwhile, finely dice peppers using Santoku Knife. Chop onion using Food Chopper. Combine peppers and onion in Deep Covered Baker. Trim and finely dice turkey using Boning Knife.  Add turkey, seasoning mix, remaining 1 tbsp oil and remaining 1/2 tsp salt to baker; mix well using Master Scraper. Microwave, covered, on HIGH 4 minutes; stir to separate chicken. Cover; microwave an additional 4-6 minutes or until chicken is cooked through.  Meanwhile, gently squeeze cooled garlic from heads into batter bowl (discard skins); mash using Mix ‘N Masher. Add beans and salsa to batter bowl. Transfer bean mixture to baker; mix well.  Microwave, covered, on HIGH 5-7 minutes or until chili is heated through.


Not sure what to do with all that left over Thanksgiving turkey?  Jenna is a Pampered Chef Consultant and is sharing some great leftover recipes with us! Lets start today off light since we consumed a TON of calories yesterday!
Mediterranean Café Salad
1/4 cup olive oil
3 tbsp red or white wine vinegar
1 fresh garlic clove
1 pkt. Lipton’s Savory Herb with Garlic soup mix
1 medium cucumber
½ cup Kalamata pitted olives
1 small red pepper
1 small red onion
1 carrot
2 cups cooked turkey
1 (10 oz.) Pkg. hearts of romaine lettuce
1 can (15.5 oz) Great White Northern Beans
2 oz. crumbled Feta cheese
For dressing: In Small Batter Bowl, combine oil, vinegar, soup mix and garlic pressed with Garlic Press and whisk until blended, set aside.  For salad, score cucumber lengthwise using  Zester/Scorer; remove seeds using the Corer.  Using the Ultimate Mandoline fitted with the v-shaped blade, slice cucumber, cut slices in half.  Slice pitted olives using the Egg Slicer Plus.  Dice bell pepper using Chef’s Knife.  Slice onion using Ultimate Mandoline.   Grate carrot using Rotary Grater.  Place vegetables, turkey and beans into Dots Serving Bowl, pour dressing over salad and toss to coat.


You won’t find a friendlier or happier dog than our Bodie Bo, a seven year old male Keeshond mix! What’s amazing is that he keeps up that sunny disposition despite having lost a leg to a trap when he was a puppy. But don’t worry – he won’t slow down for anyone and he loves his afternoon walks. Once he’s in the house, however, he’s a big cuddler and wants nothing more than to sit on the couch with you. You Have to come meet Bodie Bo today at Animal Friends!