Looking to add a sweet Kitty to your family?

Boy was I a mess when I got to Animal Friends. My fur was so matted that they had to shave me completely! Nowadays things are great. I live in a foster home with my friends and my hair is growing back. But things could be better; I could really use a permanent place to stay and a family to snuggle up with on those cold nights. My hair is growing back in and I’m dying to meet a loving, caring family without kids or else older children. I hope it’s you! Please Visit Animal Friends to learn more about me!  

Pieces of My Heart.  By Katy O. Ishee, Review by Luuezz

Talk about touching a nerve. This is a book that men and women will pass around to each other with a brief handwritten note tucked inside the cover, “You have to read this!”
Sometimes you have to leave your life behind for awhile to see it and really live it freshly again. Sometimes heart breaking, sometimes humorous, always brutally honest and hardcore.
This memoir presents a powerful and unsettling series of memories that work simultaneity on a number of levels controlled by someone we all trust; Mother.
Katy recalls her rebellious ways and crazy times of being a renegade biker chick. From insane asylums, she tells stories of unspeakable horror, ECT (electroshock, shock treatment, shock therapy. The most common side effects of ECT are memory loss and cognitive damage.) that have long been shrouded in secrecy until now. Her quest to refusing to give up looking for a son would linger in her memory like a treasured photograph in this gut-wrenching story. Katy braids together past, present and the events of one desperate day in a haunting true story in which the sins of the past threaten to destroy a wicked red-blooded original; Mother’s fragile equilibrium of present.
A raw series of secrets of an “unwed” mother and/or loose teenager as Katy’s mother paints her life canvas. From the secrecy of closed adoption and maternity homes she was warned not to reveal her sur-name, during an era when shame upon the family name was unbearable.
 Her portrayal of her family and the ties that bind is sensitive, full of hate and betrayal, lost hopes and burning questions, freedom and bondage and love and laughter.
 Her journey takes you from coast to coast and back again. There are plenty of laughs and hardcore knocks along the way and within a biker’s community.
She inavertly challenges herself to sail like a hawk as she reaches for freedom from the “Seen or Be Seen” diverse crowd to never giving in to the “principal” of searching for her beloved son.
Will she eventually find Michael Adams S., her son?  If you haven’t ordered this book yet, what are you waiting for? This is a MUST READ! It made my eyes weld up and pulled my hamstrings. I found myself rereading it a week later.  I haven’t read a biker book that rocks this good in a long time! To learn more or to order visit here

If your in Daytona….


Be sure to swing by the Daytona International Speedway Feb 26-Mar 9 – Baker Drivetrain will be there offering installations of their superior transmissions all week. You can see Baker on the Midway. Stop by and say hey to Garage-Girl Trish!

Why We Ride, By Tami Walker of Diva Customs

We were excited to finally check out “Why We Ride” by Tami Walker, a good friend to all of us here at Garage-Girls.  

Tami owns Diva Customs in Virgina Beach. Her goal with Diva Customs has always been to help other women riders individualize their own rides. Along her journey Tami has meet some impressive women riders and decided to share their stories of why they ride with others interested in or already sharing the passion.  Inside this book you get to take a look at stories of what initially inspired some of these women to go for that first ride, and what continues to inspire the love for the sport of motorcycling.  Some of the stories will make you smile, laugh and maybe even bring a tear to your eye.   Tami along her journey asked our own Garage-Girls, Jody Perewitz, Laura Klock  and Sara Liberte to share their own stories of why they ride.  To get yourself a copy head on over to Diva Customs and order one today.

Looking for a friend to exercise with?

Hi I’m Blaze,  Let me describe my perfect home to you: I would prefer to live with kids over 12. I’m big and pretty rambunctious, so I might accidentally hurt someone. I LOVE to play with other dogs. Of course, I’d need to meet any potential canine siblings before I move in to make sure we all get along. I don’t know how I feel about cats. If you have one at home, please ask an adoption counselor to test me. I’m VERY active. I’ll need a family with the time and energy to keep me exercised and entertained. Please visit Animal Friends to learn more about me!

Balance Ball Exercises

One of the best ways to see results with your workout is to “mix it up”. If you get stuck in a rut doing the same thing over and over, your body will actually get used to it and you’ll no longer see any “results”  or “changes” in your body.  AFA personal trainer Rich Bready is taking time to help us out again and shows us different exercise we can do with the stability ball.  The stability ball is a great asset to include in your workouts, the uneven surface will engage your core, as you work hard to maintain balance. More Bang for your Buck!

Athena’s New Gig

If you are headed to Daytona Bike Week, make sure you stop by and say Hi to Athena from Vagabond Chopper Company and check out her new gig “Chicks Rule and Boys Drool

It is the mission of the Chicks Rule and Boys Drool Tour to promote women riders and their love of motorcycles. By providing an outlet to gain information and express questions and concerns to like minded women in the industry, women riders can find products and pertinent information in a setting that aides in safely putting on miles and expierencing the freedom of the wind and open road.

Formulated specifically for women, it also gives men an opportunity to see “the other side” of a culture commonly associated with males. Validating the concept that women riders are more than just a “chick on the back” within the motorcycle industry, the tour also provides a forum for ladies to express her likes and dislikes in a setting that is not full of skulls, iron crosses and spikes.

Nova Scotia is full of love to give!

Greetings! I’m Nova Scotia and don’t let my name fool you. I may sound cold and remote, but in reality I’m warm, affectionate, and looking for my new home! 
I love people although I admit that I have some vision loss and I’m a little skittish so I wouldn’t do well with younger kids, but I have a lot of love to give. I’d be glad to stop over from my foster home to meet you and say hello! Please contact Animal Friends to find out more about me! 

Shutter Island

Lets start this off by filling you in on the main character played by Leonardo DiCaprio, Teddy Daniels, a tough guy Marshall  who gets called out to a remote psychiatric ward off the New England shore, It’s a facility where dangerous maniacs are subjected to unique “treatments” by the questionable Dr. Cawley (Ben Kingsley) and his loyal staff of physicians, nurses and heavily armed corrections officers.
  Now we can’t get too involved in the description of this flick or we will end up giving it away, and that would not be cool…. This flick is too damn good to spoil for anyone, even if we don’t like you!  
Teddy arrives on Shutter Island (seasick no less) with his new partner Chuck (Mark Ruffalo), determined to get to the bottom of a case involving a female inmate  named Rachel Solando, who vanished from her cell without a trace. Rachel is unstable and dangerous: she was sent to the Island after murdering her three children and arranging them around the dinner table for her husband to find.
  We have to point out this film was directed beautifully by one of our favorites Martin Scorsese, the imagery was visually stimulating, even for Sara the critique of all things visual, still imagery or film.  
Teddy and Chuck start to dig deep into their investigation when they find themselves up against a wall, no one is willing to talk, not the patients, the staff and more importantly not Dr. Cawley, or Dr. Naehring (Max Van Sydow). Teddy and Chuck two WWII vets who both know first hand from experience what true evil is, start to have their suspicions and realize they have stumbled onto something much larger than what they thought. 
This psychological thriller was beautifully crafted and visually amazing. 
we were intrigued by the intelligence of the film, it’s characters and the authenticity of depicting the era and struggles of soldiers bordering on “keeping it sane after all they have experienced.”  This is a suspenseful thriller that will leave you in “awe” when it all unfolds!  
  Go see this movie, we give it 5 spark plugs, one of the best we’ve seen in a long time.