Like many pit bulls, I feel that I’m a little misunderstood. Everyone here at Animal Friends says that I’m such a sweetheart, but it makes me a little sad to see all of my friends move on to their forever homes while I’m still waiting here.

I can’t figure out why. I love to run outside and play, and I could chase toys and balls in the yard all day long. But I’d like relaxing with you as well! As a stray, I’ve definitely got a harder learning curve; I’m still working on my potty training and I sometimes get too excited and tug and pull at the leash. So I’m looking for someone who’s willing to take charge, probably with older children if they have any.

And best of all, my old friend Ezra has sponsored my adoption fee – so you’ve got no excuse not to come take me home! Please Visit Animal Friends Today!


Dozens of  teenagers receive a free lesson in defensive driving  thanks to this non-profit organization that travels from state to state as part of an effort to make the roads safer. Be Responsible And Keep Everyone Safe
B.R.A.K.E.S training is offered free of charge. The non-profit is supported by donations.
Teens must be at least 15 year old and have a permit to participate, and parents are required to accompany them.
“I love it. I think it should be a requirement for all teenage children,” said a parent. 
The program was started by former national Hot rod Association racer Doug Herbert, who lost two teenage sons in a car accident.
“If we try and push them hard enough where they actually lose control of the car, we teach them that there is an edge there and that you need to stay on the safe side of that edge,” Herbert said.
“You can’t learn this stuff from a chalk board or from a book. You have to experience it firsthand. That’s what our driving instructors are trying to do, to put the kids in an uncomfortable situation, build their confidence in the vehicle’s limitations and also give them an understanding of what they should or shouldn’t do and to save themselves,” described Matt Reilly, a driving instructor.
Nationwide, about 6,000 teenagers are killed in traffic accidents every year. 
 On one course, instructors use various methods to distract the young drivers to teach them the importance of keeping their focus on the road.
Statistics show that people talking on cell phones are four times more likely to get in an accident, and if you’re texting, you’re eight times more likely to crash.
Spinning out on a slick road and sudden stops within a short distance are just a few examples of why defensive driving skills are necessary.
In the safe environment of the track, teenage drivers learn how to handle the hazards they’ll face on the streets.
Teens are paired with professional drivers in rental cars for a three-hour training program. 

Firm your glutes, hamstrings and back

AFA certified trainer Rich Bready is at it again. This time he is helping us get ready for warm weather clothes, here he shows us the proper form of deadlifts, which will help tone your glutes and hamstrings. Rich makes this a great combination move by adding in a row to strenghten our back. Remember a strong core will help us power through anything!

The pre-ride check list for the annoying rider

1. Comb baseball player goatee and mustache 
2. Spend 6- hours polishing gaudy chrome pieces. Be sure people can read the “Live to ride—ride to live” statement on your inspection cover. 
3. Assure suspension can handle at least 560 pounds of rider 
4. Pack cell phone and have tow service numbers programmed. 
5. Affix tassels from daughters bicycle to handle bars for added lame appearance. 
6. Test flashers for when bike breaks down (99% probability) 
7. Put on your wrist brace to help carpal tunnel from all of the unnecessary revving 
8. Leather pants 
9. Gloves 
10. Wrap around sunglasses 
11. Skull cap helmet(German soldier type for the real badasses). Remember to think about the SAFETY aspect/argument of loud pipes as putting that potato chip on head. The real tough guys here will wear a bandana over their face (some with a skull) to look really scary
12. CAT work boots (new) 
13. Leather vest with a million patches.
14. HD t-shirt (of course). Because everyone needs to know what shop you paid $40 for a $5 hanes shirt at. 
15. Remove baffles from pipes so EVERYONE can hear you going 18mph in 2nd gear at redline. 
16. Starbucks gift card: This is usually your hangout
17. Call friends with similar ridiculous motorcycle 
18. Five packs of Marlboro reds to smoke while riding to look extra cool 

Dennis Hopper, one of our favorites gets Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

 Dennis Hopper attended the dedication of his star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame on Friday March 26th, but it might be the last time his fans see the actor alive.
Hopper, whose acting career spanned almost six decades, is dying of prostate cancer, according to documents filed in his divorce case this week.
His breakout role was in 1969, with the movie “Easy Rider,” but his career began in the 1950s with live TV and co-starring roles in two films with James Dean. He was twice nominated for Oscars. Hopper, 73, is undergoing radical chemotherapy for advanced, metastasized prostate cancer, his doctor said.
He is too weak and ill to be questioned by lawyers in the divorce, but attending Friday’s ceremony “is a positive experience in every way,” his doctor’s sworn statement said.
“I believe the ceremony honoring his career may be something which he will actually enjoy in the company of his daughter, who he hopes will attend with him,” Dr. David Argus said.
Hopper, who weighs “a little over 100 pounds,” is “extremely weak and extremely ill, and he tires very quickly.”
 Hopper became a Hollywood sensation for “Easy Rider,” the 1969 film he directed and co-wrote in which he played a dissolute, countercultural biker named Billy. Some of Hoppers lines from that movie have become religious quotes for many riders including us. Lines like “The man is at the window, the man is at the window” and “Getting pretty smashed man”, and of course “Hey, man. All we represent to them, man, is somebody who needs a haircut. “
 We will be keeping Dennis Hopper in our thoughts and prayers… man…….


What are you looking for in a dog? If it’s a calm, reliable friend who will always be there for you, you’ve found me! I’m Marjory and after a tough start to life, I’m looking to settle into a nice, quiet home with you.

 I’m not easily startled or riled up – I just want some loving from my humans and a nice walk a few times a day. I don’t even chase cats; the handlers say that I’d probably try to cuddle with them if I could!

 Young kids might not be a great mix for me, as I’m not used to all that running around. But I’d be a great addition for an older family looking for a new friend. I’m good with other dogs as well, so I know I’d fit right into your household. I hope to see you at Animal Friends soon!

Got a Dead Bug Problem?

If you ride, go for long drives out in the country you will encounter the gross dead bugs all over your bike or vehicle, you just can’t avoid it. Well, we took some time with Amy from Wizards Products to get the low down on how to get rid of those dead bugs safely and what to use to prevent them from hangin’ on in the first place.  Remember Wizards and Garage-Girls want to know “What’s In Your Garage” they are sending free product to anyone that sends in pictures of their ride to us here at Garage-Girls. Just send a .jpg and description of what ya got and Wizards will hook you up!  send photos to sara@garage-girls.com

Remember Me

This movie looked like a total chick flick, but we figured what the hell, a good ole’ sappy love movie is ok once in a while.  The movie is based around 2 main characters and the tragedy in their lives. Robert Pattinson who plays Tyler Hawkins a young college aged kid searching for what it is he wants in his life after dealing with the tragic suicide death of his brother just a few years ago and Aly played by Emilie de Ravin who is a young focused college student who also has her own tragedy to deal with as her mom was murdered in front of her 10 years ago.  The two find their way into each others lives and the film shows the transformation they both undergo as they begin to fall in love.  While Tyler and Aly are falling in love the movie is a little slow going, and takes you through different struggles of each character dealing with their their own family tragedy.  We give props to both Robert and Emilie for their convincing roles and all other supporting actors in this film.  Now what really turned things around for us was the ending, and as much as we’d love to talk about it, we just don’t see it fair to ruin it for you…..  The ending of this film will leave you with your draw dropped wide open and we thought it really put things into perspective.  We think you’ll leave remembering things you may have forgotten about. 

For that we give this movie 4 spark plugs………..  go check it out!


Hello! I’m Peanut, and I look familiar, it’s because you might have seen me on TV! I’m one the stars of an Animal Friends TV commercial, and I’ve even been on the local morning shows! They picked me because I’m special. I mean, I listen to commands and know how to behave in new situations. I bet you never thought you’d meet a true Animal Friends celebrity!

I’ve heard about how humans have these “Big Brother/Big Sister” programs where older people help mentor younger kids. Well I’m looking for the canine equivalent of that! I’m a big, rambunctious fellow who is looking for a home with an older dog who can mentor me and correct me when necessary. I’m eager to learn!

I’m a young dog, basically just a teenager, and I can get bored sometimes when no one’s playing with me. That’s why I’d love a home with a big fenced yard for me to run around in (with my new pal and mentor, of course). I love playing with all kinds of dogs and people! (But I am really strong so I’d do better with adults and bigger kids.) 

My current foster family knows that I’m loyal and very, very lovable. They also called me an “escape artist” – I’m just so curious and hate to be left alone! I’m working on being crate-trained, so maybe you can help me with that. I know several commands already and I’m good about riding in the car, so you can take me anywhere. And unlike most teenagers, I’m willing to adapt and change. I take corrections very well and I’m excited to find my place in a new family…maybe yours! 
Won’t you visit Animal Friends to learn more about me?