Garage-Girls announces 2014 Ultimate Biker Makeover winner sponsored by GEICO Motorcycle


Chris Gibbany of Harrison, Arkansas, is the winner of the 2014 Ultimate Biker Makeover, sponsored by GEICO Motorcycle. Gibbany was among 84 contestants who sent in a 600-word essay describing why they are most in need of a Garage-Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover. Her essay touched upon her sacrifices and commitment to “hunker down” and put herself through school in order to open new career opportunities.

We received more submissions for this years Ultimate Biker Makeover Contest than any other.  It was a definitely a challenge choosing a winner among so many great entries. We need to thank GEICO as well as our other sponsors for their commitment to make this contest possible. Frankly, there would be no Garage-Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover Contest without their continued support.

As the 2014 Ultimate Biker Makeover winner, Gibbany will be able to enjoy a multitude of prizes that include: a new wardrobe of shoes from Harley-Davidson Footwear Footwear; a brand new jacket, matching gloves and a helmet from Roland Sands and J&P Cycles; a cleaning kit from Wizards Products; a case of Synthetic oil from Spectro Oils; clothing from Hijinx Apparel; a set of AVON Tires; and saddlebags from Mustang Seats.

After reading  Chris’s entry it was obvious she puts a lot of miles on her motorcycle , so we were pretty excited that part of her winnings would be a brand new jacket, matching gloves and a helmet to help get her down the road safe, thanks to J&P Cycles and Roland Sands Designs.

“It’s just like Christmas around here.  And seeing how we don’t “do” Christmas, makes it that much more exciting.  I told the UPS guy to “keep ’em coming. I hope to ride tomorrow (raining today) and try out the new jacket.  Husband really likes it and says it will be my “new look” to come out riding the Panhead! Thanks so much Sara and Garage Girls! ~ From an email Chris sent to us.

Stay tuned to Garage-Girls for info about next years contest and how this could be you in 2015!


MMP14_CustomCandy 2

From “Deep Space Blue” to “Vortex Green”, the trippy metal flake colors live again! In a sweet surprise, Mustang Motorcycle Products LLC is introducing metal flake vinyl options to their custom seat program. These six new colors match the retro color schemes found on the Harley-Davidson® Hard Candy Custom™ collection.

“Of course, I am much too young to remember when metal flake was first popular,” joked Mustang’s Marketing Director, Marilyn Simmons. “However, Mustang is old school… we have been manufacturing the world’s most comfortable motorcycle seats in our historic New England factory since 1980.” In addition to the extensive custom seat program rolled out last fall, customer demand for metal flake has added even more options when it comes to creating your own seat. “We are now offering custom seats with a selection of different stitch patterns, thread colors and now metal flake vinyl inserts to choose from,” she explains.

The customers’ first step in Mustang’s automated online seat design process is to pick a stitch pattern: plain, Tuck and Roll or Diamond stitch options are available. Next, it’s time to pick the vinyl color – choose from a variety of colors including Mustang’s new metal flake options. As you’re designing your unique seat, you can see exactly how it will look. There is even a magnifier tool that lets you get a close-up look at the flakes and stitch colors.

Seeing is believing, but these out-of-this-world colors have to be seen in the light of day rather than on a computer screen to really do them justice.

“Featuring countless combinations of stitch options, 12 contrasting thread colors, and 18 vinyl colors including six new metal flake choices, our custom seat program is available for our most popular models,” says Simmons. Mustang’s Tripper™ Solo, Tripper Fastback™ and DayTripper™ are three seat styles currently available in the custom seat/retro metal flake program, but more seats and colors are coming. You can check them out at