A special Friend from a Cross Country Motorcycle Ride

13650651_10104089916241894_2044655431_nI knew the minute I met this lady that she was unique, special and meant to cross paths with me. We were riding motorcycles cross country. She was super excited to ride her scooter up Pikes Peak. She had an unfortunate run in with another motorist on the way up. Robert Pandya and I were right there behind her and were able to help her out after she went down, thanks to My Medic!! After treating her minor injuries I was surprised to learn her main concern was getting her “snow girl” to the top of pikes peak for a photo. I was happy to make that happen for her. She thanked me with a ride bell. I know that ride bell kept us safe on the rest of our over 7500 mile journey. Thank you Madella, your friendship is a blessing.  It’s always a blessing to meet new friends out on the road.  14700829_10155404426624741_4014812602600474916_o14680911_10155404428354741_3346882046133439644_o14681071_10155404431979741_4414164683069237097_o