Celebrate your pooch with a Pup- Pie!

Don’t be ashamed, you want to spoil your pets rotten, right?    It’s ok admit it,   you’re not alone, we all do. Why shouldn’t we celebrate the best companion in our life?  I recently did just that with my adopted Boston Terrier “Jasper”.  Jasper was adopted on July 1st from the Western PA Humane Society, and on his papers I was able to figure out his birthdate.  So to celebrate his 1st Birthday I wanted to give him something a little extra special.  I headed over to my local pet store (Healthy Pet Products in Pittsburgh, PA) and picked out a Pup-Pie from the Lazy Dog Cookie Company.  There are many “pies” to choose from, but I choose the “Happy Birthday” pie (it even comes with a little Happy Birthday Marker to place on top of the Pie)  As a concerned pet owner over what I feed my dog, I knew this treat would be all natural ingredients as Healthy Pet Products only carries this type of food and treats. Sorry, but you won’t catch me buying pet treats made in China to feed my guy.  Anyway, it was great Jasper LOVED it, and I had a blast making his special day all that much more fun for the BOTH of us.  I also grabbed some “Pup-Squeaks” for him and yup, he gobbled those right up too.   After posting the pic of him celebrating with his Pup-Pie on facebook I had tons of requests as to where I got that Birthday Pie treat. So I thought I’d share my story with you guys and fill you in on where you can get one to spoil your special companion with! Go ahead, spoil ’em rotten, they deserve it. If you do, take a pic and send it in to me here at sara@garage-girls.com