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Invest in a Lift

If you have some extra cash a great investment is a bike lift.  A bike lift makes service work much easier, and you won’t end up like a contortionist trying to reach odd positioned bolts on your bike. Another great feature of the lift is the ease of cleaning your bike, especially your wheels. Now many different types of lifts are available, you don’t necessarily have to buy the most expensive lift but the least expensive lift may not be the best deal. Certain model bikes such as some year Dyna and sportsters have uneven undersides and need frame adaptors to lift the bike level, not all lifts have these available.  You also want to make sure the lift you’re buying is rated for the correct weight of your bike; you can find the weight of your bike in your service manual. Don’t skimp out on a lift, quality rules over price like anything in life. You don’t want to be trusting a $99.00 lift to support your bike because it was a great bargain. Remember, this lift is going to be holding anywhere from 500 to 800 pounds of bike 12-24 inches in the air which you will be right next to or underneath. If that lift fails you where’s your value now?  K&L’s MC550 is a great lift, check out this demo video.

Mustang Super Touring Comfort for FL

Mustang’s new one-piece “Super” touring design provides the rider and passenger with the most comfortable seat possible on 2008-10 FL models.  Not only does the driver sit in a deeply pocketed, 19” wide front bucket, but Mustang’s new Super Touring seat moves the driver 1.75” further back than the stock seat.  The seat is also lower than stock so that the rider can plant his feet firmly on the ground.  
Never forgetting the passenger, Mustang provides a full 14” wide seat which is fully supported by Mustang’s unique internal support wings that eliminate any sagging at the edges.  More passenger comfort means fewer passenger complaints. 
Available plain or with studs (either chrome or chrome with black pearl centers), the Super touring seat is available with or without a fully adjustable driver backrest that folds flat for ease of getting on the motorcycle and removes easily without tools.
Mustang’s One-Piece Super Touring seat with chrome studs and a Driver Backrest is $719.  A matching Wrap-Around Passenger Backrest with thicker, extended arms for only $279 completes the custom looking passenger comfort.  
Celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, Mustang continues to proudly handcraft all their seats in the USA.  For more info, visit or call 800-243-1392.
Don’t forget Special Shipping Discounts for Garage-Girls, just call and mention Garage-Girls!

How to Deal with an Oil spill in your Garage

   It’s inevitable, at some point either one of your vehicles will develop an oil leak, or you simply just might spill oil from a drain pain or a fresh bottle. No Need to freak out, we’ll help you clean up that oil spill like a champ!  The best way to deal with an oil spill is to vacuum it up, thats right we said vacuum. 
 A wet dry vacuum is designed specifically for vacuuming spills and other messes that occur in a workshop or garage.  When dealing with messes such as oil spills you should always use a wet dry vacuum cleaner and never, under any circumstances, use a household upright vacuum cleaner. You guys wouldn’t try that, were sure of it, but just wanted to make sure you get the point! Upright vacuum cleaners are not designed for this type of work and you will screw it up if you use it to vacuum oil!
 Ok So in order to properly vacuum an oil spill (with a wet dry vacuum) here is what you’ll need. 
▪ Wet Dry Vacuum
▪ Sawdust or Shop Sand(oil Dry) or kitty litter
▪ Rags
If you don’t own a wet dry Vacuum you can get one at any home improvement type store. (Don’t forget to check out the owners manual for proper operating of vacuum)
Once your all set on operating the wet dry vacuum go ahead and Place Sawdust, sand, or kitty litter and cover  the oil spill. The sand or sawdust will absorb the puddle of oil and make it easier for you to use the heavy duty wet dry vacuum to pick up the spill. Be sure to cover the entire spill completely. Wait a few minutes after laying the sawdust or sand down before vacuuming to ensure as much oil is absorbed as possible.
Once that has set for a few go ahead with the wet dry vacuum 
 and clean up the sawdust pile that you put down to absorb the oil. Dispose of the contents of the canister according to local laws regarding the disposal of oil. When you finish vacuuming, use rags to dry any remaining oil spots that are left behind. If you still have a little residue left you can use a can of brake Clean to finish it off.

Get 10% off with Wizards Water Bandit!

WIZARDS® WATER BANDIT™ is the softest all purpose synthetic chamois available. It is lint free, won’t smear, streak or scratch, making it the perfect choice for any high quality paint job. WATER BANDIT™ is recommended for washing, wiping, cleaning and drying virtually any surface. Its ripple design provides extra durability as well as elasticity. It is also resistant to grease, oil and detergents. WATER BANDIT™’s softness originates from a unique open-cell polyvinyl material that produces an extremely high water absorption rate plus excellent water retention, making it virtually drip-free; easy for auto, cycle, marine, truck, home and industrial use. The WATER BANDIT™ will absorb nearly 8 times its weight in water, and is very easy to wring out. The new improved WATER BANDIT™ is heavier than our previous version, making it more absorbent than before and able to hold more water than other chamois on the market.
 For a limited time add a water bandit to your online store order at wizards and receive 10% off your entire order! Use Coupon code BANDIT to receive this great discount. 

“Stella” from David Uhl’s Women of Harley Series

In David’s words, “It has been 2 years since the introduction of Evelyn, the last piece in my “Women of Harley Series”. The Evelyn painting was a portrait of a seasoned rider on her way to a hill climb in the early thirties. She was composed of big bold strokes with expressive paint and colors.  I got to thinking of how women first climbed astride the iron horse in the first place and did a

little research. It appears that the decade before was the culprit for paradigm shift of attitudes: “The Roaring Twenties” .  Now I wanted to do an accurate rendering with all the details of this slice of American history.


I decided to produce a piece that went full circle back to the “Ruby” era, except focus on the motorcycle as the catalyst of change. Stella sits outside the Oxford Hotel on a shiny new Harley Davidson in full ’20s regalia, igniting the onslaught of the previous Victorian generation’s display of contempt.  These young women of the ’20s could not have been more shocking to their parents — they flew airplanes, rode motorcycles and stayed out dancing until the morning hours, not to mention the attire.  Harley-Davidson’s rich heritage includes these type of scenes, and I hope you enjoy my window into that past.”  For more info contact Greg Rhodes at 303-913-4840  or 

Wizards Products Supports Guide Dogs Of America

Everyone knows how much Garage-Girls love Animals so when we found out about Wizards helping out Guide Dogs we were so excited! 

WIZARDS® Products is a proud supporter of Guide Dogs of America. During the company’s Guide Dogs Bike Wash™ promotion, WIZARDS® pledged to donate $1 to the Guide Dogs of America organization for every 22 oz bottle of WIZARDS® Bike Wash™ purchased. While at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas in November WIZARDS® owner, John Schlumpberger, was honored to present a check in the amount of $2,000 to Steve Cohan, Outreach Director for Guide Dogs of America.
Throughout the past year WIZARDS® Products was also the official detailing product for the Guide Dogs of America Custom Harley Bagger built by Donnie Smith, which was recently given away to one lucky raffle ticket purchaser.
Guide Dogs of America is dedicated to its mission to provide guide dogs and instruction of their use, free of charge, to blind and visually impaired men and women from the United States and Canada so that they may continue to pursue their goals.

Toyota Recall

Toyota just announced that it would recall approximately 2.3 million vehicles to correct sticking accelerator pedals on specific Toyota Division models. This action is separate from the on-going recall of approximately 4.2 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles to reduce the risk of pedal entrapment by incorrect or out of place accessory floor mats. Approximately 1.7 million Toyota Division vehicles are subject to both separate recall actions.

The condition is rare, but can occur when the pedal mechanism becomes worn and, in certain conditions, the accelerator pedal may become harder to depress, slower to return or, in the worst case, stuck in a partially depressed position.  Toyota is working quickly to prepare the correction remedy.

In the event that a driver experiences an accelerator pedal that sticks in a partial open throttle position or returns slowly to idle position, the vehicle can be controlled with firm and steady application of the brakes. The brakes should not be pumped repeatedly because it could deplete vacuum assist, requiring stronger brake pedal pressure. The vehicle should be driven to the nearest safe location, the engine shut off and a Toyota dealer contacted for assistance.
for more info visit here.