Rare Solar Storm Tonight, Wednesday August 4th 2010

We have all heard of the Northern Lights, but hardly any of us have been lucky enough to see it in person. Well according to NASA Tuesday evening and tonight Wednesday August 4th 2010 you can catch a glimpse of a rare solar storm that will mimic a showing similar to that of the Northern Lights. The storm is expected to produce “rippling dancing curtains of green and red light” across the sky
On Sunday, NASA reported that satellites detected that a portion of the sun had erupted and dispatched a C-3 solar flare, which spawned a solar tsunami that’s headed for Earth. Once it reaches Earth, the charged particles will likely create northern lights-like displays.
But the light show will be visible only in the northern part of the U.S. and other countries. According to NASA, this type of eruption is one of the first signs that the sun is waking up and heading toward another solar maximum, which is expected in 2013.
The last solar maximum was in 2001.

Heels with Attitude

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