It’s not hard to see why I’m named Sunshine. I’m a beautiful white shorthair with the prettiest yellow-green eyes you’ll ever see. And like the sun, I’m warm and cozy!
I warm right up to most people, whether you’re a stranger or an old friend. I love exploring, like most cats, and I’m getting used to playing with toys. Ooh, and I love being groomed – what fun that is!
You might ask: do I like other cats? Well, it depends on the cat! Some I get along with fine, but others I’m not so sure about. If you have a cat, I’d be happy to meet them here at Animal Friends to see if we would get along!
I hope you’ll come by Animal friends and see me. After all, everyone needs a little sunshine in their day!

Share Ross’s Raw Pirate Gourmet

You guys remember the overall Ang did of Share Ross, former Vixen bassist and mystical wonder…   well let’s delve back in to what Share is doing these days….
Share’s “Raw Pirate Gourmet” site is ideal if you are looking to try something new~or if you would just like to add a bit of variety to your diet. Would you like an alternative to the everyday humdrum garden salad? Check out this site and you will find ingredients of which to make a salad that will blow your mind. The next time that you cook dinner,in lieu of the aforementioned “humdrum” salad,replace it with a seaweed salad! Highly nutritious and remarkably flavorful. A meal fit for a pirate. You wouldn’t have to don an eyepatch or have a parrot perched on your shoulder~(though it would make for some interesting dinner conversation).
So go ahead. Broaden your horizon check out Raw Pirate Gourmet. Ahoy matey!
By, Angela Arpin

Baker Install Team; Sturgis 2010 Register NOW!

The Official BAKER Drivetrain Install Team will be in Sturgis, SD August 5, 2010 – August 15, 2010. Here’s your chance to have the BAKER DD6 or DD7 transmission installed in your bike by the experts themselves. Online registration is going on now; click the link below to learn more. Install time slots are limited and are expected to go fast. If you’re interested, be sure to sign up today. REGISTER HERE


Ta-da! It’s me, Rimbo! I’m a big, strong Rottie mix who’s secretly a big sweetie at heart.
Like all the dogs here at Animal Friends, I’ve got a story. A landlord who had squatters on his property called the police who came and found…me! My owners had abandoned me there, but I think I’m much better off now.
I know a lot of commands like “Sit,” Give Paw,” and “Down,” and I’ll play fetch with you all day! Really the worst thing you can say about me is that I’m still getting used to other dogs. I may feel the need to challenge them to show who’s boss, but it’s something training can help me with. I’m very eager to learn!
So don’t let my size scare you! I’d love to find a real, forever home! Won’t you come see me at Animal Friends?

Venus Sandal by HD Footwear

It’s official sandal and flip flop weather is here!  If your looking for a new pair of comfy flips that can be worn both ways, dressed down or up, the “Venus” from HD Footwear is the one for you.  Talk about comfortable, this is a flip flop with a super cushy absorbent sole, you can feel it in every step you take, and with it’s leather upper with cute medallion you can make these work casual or dressy.  Check ’em out on line here at HD