The Other Guys

No, don’t expect the next great smart comedy, or witty written, twisty, totally different style of a comedy, thats not what your going toget. What you will get is straight up dumb-ass silly non-stop laughs. We hate to admit that this movie was funny because it had stupid written all over it, but DAM did we laugh out loud, like the whole time, and so did the rest of the theatre.   Wahlberg and Ferrell actually make a great comedy duo, who would have guessed?  If your looking for a flick to throw a smile on your face and bring out the laughs, you won’t be disappointed. Leave your expectations of smart comedy at the door though, you won’t be getting that, and just admit it, it’s FUNNY……………..

Because “The Other Guys” made us genuinely laugh out loud so much this flick is getting 4 spark plugs, Go see it!


Stash is a beautiful, big boy who loves to play! Stash is white, with some black spots near his head, incredibly soft, and remarkably sweet and loving. He is, as mentioned, a very active bunny that would defiantly benefit from lots of playtime with you, or maybe another bunny! He makes friends easily, and is quite social with people as well. If you see him in his cage exploring, and moving furniture around don’t be surprised because he does that all the time! Stash is one charming, and spirited bunny that will give you all the love in the world, and then some! So can’t you find some room in your home, and heart to adopt this adorable bunny? Come see him at Animal Friends in Pittsburgh!

Sturgis; 70th

The Rally is over but the memories will last a lifetime. The 70th running of the Stugis Rally proved to be yet another great year with way too much for everyone to fit in. From The Eternal Combustion show, the great concert line-ups, book signings, rides, Cycle Source bike show,the fun never stopped.  Send in your awesome Sturgis stories and pictures for us all to share. Ride Safe!


Hailey is a stunning black and white domestic short hair. The first thing you will probably notice is the striking division of black and white running vertically on her nose. She came to Animal Friends because her former owner was moving after having Hailey for 7 years.
She is described as affectionate and sometimes spunky by her former owner. The owner also commented that Hailey was rather cordial when visitors came into the home. Hailey has never been around children but we can discuss whether or not she’d like to meet some.
Hailey loves to be scratched under the chin and on the underside of her neck. She enjoys playing with the usual assortment of cat toys, and she is used to being in a carrier, being picked up, having her nails trimmed, and even being bathed.
Here at Animal Friends Hailey has shown herself to be a little timid, but she responds well to human attention. With her background, she will make someone a wonderful pet. All that is needed is a bit of patience until she understands she is in her Forever Home. Come visit her at Animal Friends today!

aNGrYGiRL Gear

Are you looking for clothing that is custom, handmade and full of attitude? Something no-one else will be wearing? You have to check out aNGrYGirl Gear.
The concept behind the aNGrYGiRL Gear line is pretty straightforward: Its all about attitude.  aNGrYGiRL Gear was originally conceived as a tough and aggressive clothing line, done almost entirely in black, with extreme metal accents and a preference for bondage. With time, this vision has broadened to include themes based on heavy metal/death metal/industrial music, alternative lifestyles, pop culture, and other cultural phenomena. So much more now than *just* black and metal, aNGrYGiRL Gear includes stunning pieces created from exquisite brocades, eyelets, taffetas, silk and leather… The only thing that hasn’t changed?
The attitude …its all about attitude 😉
Unless specified, each piece in the aNGrYGiRL Gear line is cut at the time of your order, and sewn to your custom measurements. This process generally takes 3 weeks to complete, depending on order volume. aNGrYGirl Gear is a one woman operation ~ each piece is designed and sewn by aNGrYLiTTLeDeAdGiRL, a seamstress with several years of professional experience. Since each piece is cut and sewn at the time of order, there is a great deal of flexibility available with your order.  Any design elements can be adjusted to your preference ~ color changes, etc.
All aNGryGiRL Gear is made to the highest possible professional standards. All seams are professionally finished and topstitched where appropriate. All hems are professionally finished. Hoods are fully lined. Lighter weight fabrics are backed to improve sturdiness. aNGrYGiRL Gear is notoriously substantial ~ the pieces are heavy, sturdy enough to last for years.
We found some really sweet tops in her collection and we are a HUGE fan of her “kitty” and “Panda” hoodies…
We just love the custom designs this chick is kickin’ out you gotta check her out!

You can find her on Facebook at

Tell her Garage-Girls sent you over to check her designs out.

Tires, the most important part of your motorcycle

The riding season is in full swing and with that comes bikes needing new tires. We have been a little shocked at how many tires have come in completely worn down to nothing………  Here is a friendly reminder of just how important your tires are and how often you should be looking at them, checking air pressure and replacing them when worn. Don’t blow this off, this is probably the most important thing you can do to maintain your bike and yourself properly.
Always keep the motorcycle manufacturer’s recommended air pressure in both tires. This is an important requirement for tire safety and mileage. Your motorcycle owner’s manual will tell you the recommended cold inflation pressure. On some motorcycles, the recommended front and rear tire pressures will be different. The pressures stamped on the sidewall of the tire are only for maximum loads. On some occasions, these pressures will also be the manufacturer’s recommended settings as well.
Riding on tires with too little air pressure is dangerous. The tires will build excessive heat.
This can cause a sudden tire failure. Under inflation may also:
• Damage the tire, leading to tire failure
• Adversely affect vehicle cornering
• Reduce tire life
• Increase fuel consumption
• Cause fatigue cracking
Riding on tires with too much air can be dangerous. The tires are more likely to be cut, punctured, or broken by sudden impact. Do not exceed the pressure indicated on the tire sidewall. Consult your owner’s manual for the recommended inflation and other tire information.
Never inflate a tire unless it is secured to the motorcycle or a tire-mounting machine. Inflating an unsecured tire is dangerous. If it bursts, it could be hurled into the air with explosive force.
Valve Stems, Cores & Caps
Old or damaged valve stems and cores may cause air loss. Replace them when mounting new tires. Use caps (finger tight) on the valve stems to keep dust, dirt, and moisture away from the valve.
Matching Front and Rear Tires
Correct matching of front and rear tires is critical to obtaining optimum performance and handling. Never mount a rear tire in front or vice versa. Combining a new tire with a worn rear tire may cause instability. Always consult your manufacturer before modifying your motorcycle’s tires from stock.
Checking Tire Inflation
Check your tire air pressure at least once a week and before long trips. Be sure to use an accurate pressure gauge.
Check your air pressure when the tires are “cold.” The tires are “cold” when your motorcycle has been ridden less than a mile at moderate speed or after being stopped for three or more hours. Never release air from a hot tire in order to reach the recommended cold tire pressure. Normal riding causes tires to run hotter and inflation pressure to increase. If you release air when your tires are hot, you may dangerously under inflate your tires.
If your tires lose more than two pounds per square inch (2 psi) per month, the tire, the valve, or wheel may be damaged. Consult your local dealer for an inspection.
Use valve caps to keep valve cores clean and clear of debris and to help guard against air leakage
Tire Loading
Riding your motorcycle in an overloaded condition is dangerous. Overloading causes excessive heat to build up in your tires. This can lead to sudden tire failure while the tire is overloaded or at some later date.
Break-in Period
In order for your new tire(s) to provide optimum performance, tires should be ridden very cautiously for the first 100 miles in order for the tread surface to be “Scuffed-In” and work properly. Directly after new tires are mounted, sudden acceleration, maximum braking, and hard cornering must be avoided. This will allow the rider to adjust to the feel and handling characteristics of the new tire and for the new tire to be “Scuffed-In” correctly in order to achieve optimum grip level.


Look at that beautiful orange fur and my gorgeous gold eyes. Am I a stunner or what? I’m not just another pretty face either. I love to play. Sometimes I like to sit quietly with adult company. I’ll sit with you or you can entertain me with a toy. A nice quiet toy would be my favorite…none of these dumb things that rev up with lights or chase me across the floor!

I want to be the center of attention at home, and I really don’t want to share the spotlight with other pets or small children. If I’m you’re only pet, you’ll be able to spend more time admiring my appearance. You’ll look at me and say, “My, doesn’t DC go well against that carpet?”  Just come see for yourself at Animal Friends!

Got Soap Scum?

Hey, so we all have to deal with soap scum, it’s gross but unless your paying a cleaning crew to come into your house and deal with it for you your going to have to eventually face it.  We found a bathroom that  was in dire need of a good scrubbing down and  headed into the Garage to find some cleaning products to help us tackle the job. We had heard that Wizards Crud Release kicked Ass on household tasks so we wanted to give it a run on the this bathroom full of soap scum.  All we did was spray it on, let it site for about 2 minutes and rinsed it off. Take a look at the results…..  Yup, we’d have to say that it kicks ass. We haven’t found another cleaning product that you can spray on and wash off with this type of result….  Don’t forget this product can be used on the stuff in your Garage and your home!


I was found as a stray in the South Hills. Just take one look at me and you can tell where the “Big” in my name comes from. I’m a seven-year-old black shorthair
Since I have yet to see any ads for cat weight watchers, whoever takes me into their home will have to be very patient with me. I’ll always give you those hungry looks, but you have to maintain my strict diet to ensure some weight loss and continued good health.
So, if you promise not to make any jokes about using me for a door stop or to keep the newspaper from blowing away, I’m willing to give you a chance! Is the feeling mutual? Come visit me at Animal Friends today!