Why Do You Ride?

So, I was just going through some of my books and came across one I was asked to write something for. The Book is titled “Why We Ride” and it’s 101 inspiring stories about women and their motorcycles, written by a friend Tami Walker of Diva Customs.  I thought I’d share with you what I wrote for the book and was hoping you would share with us why YOU ride.

“I ride for the uncomfortable silence. You know some people out there hate silence,hate being around other people and not talking. I get on my bike for that silence. Of course I don’t ride a mo-ped my 1200XL with headwork and supertrapp exhaust makes noise, but it;’s the silence in my head that riding gives me. I don’t have to have a conversation with someone that doesn’t really interest me, I dopn’t have to tell the same story to yet another stranger I have just been introduced to. I don’t have to explain myself to anyone. I  can just enjoy the silence of my mind as my motorcycle becomes an extension of my body. It connects me to the mechanical aspect of the machine. I can feel the piston pounding up and down with every beat my heart makes. I can feel the mix of fuel and air with every breath I take in. I enjoy the silence in my mind while this all take place simultaneously, and my motorcycle makes me one with the environment, this is my time to enjoy that uncomfortable silence. ” ~Sara Liberte

DEI just added to support the Ultimate Biker Makeover!

DEI; Design Engineering Incorporated has just signed on to be a supporting sponsor of the 2012 Ultimate Biker Makeover. What does that mean for you?  MORE STUFF TO WIN!!  Check out what they are adding to the pot!
1 qty. Roll 2″ x 50′ Titanium Pipe Wrap
1 qty.  8 pack 8″ Stainless Steel Locking Ties
1 qty.  4 pack 14″ Stainless Steel Locking Ties
1 qty.  DEI Flame T-shirt  choice of size (choice of size small to XXXL)
1 qty.  DEI Ball Cap
1 qty.  Black sunglasses w/red flames
We are so excited to have DEI on board with us and to be honest this makes us that much more jealous of whoever wins the 2012 Ultimate Biker Makeover, the list keeps growing of what YOU could WIN!! Enter now, see site for details here garage-girls.com

International Female Ride Day; Just RIDE!!!

Occurring each year on the first Friday in May, International Female Ride Day© (IFRD) was created to promote and highlight the countless numbers of women motorcycle riders around the world.  Designed to make one simple request of women – “Just Ride”. Scooter, sport-bike, cruiser, dual-purpose – on road, off-road, track – all ages and all forms are invited.  So girls, JUST RIDE!!!

Kickin’ it in the City with Harley-Davidson Footwear

photo credit Darren McKeag

Not sure about you ladies, but one of my top fashion picks is comfort.  I know, some will not be able to understand this, there are those that will sacrifice anything for style, but I’m just a simple girl who lets comfort rule most of my choices. Of course it has to be cute to catch my eye in the first place but if it’s not comfortable, see ya….  Now, comfort is even more important if your going to be on your feet cruisin’ the city streets all day and that is exactly why I chose this pair of boots from Harley-Davidson Footwear to hit the streets of Brooklyn NY. The Camille boot is COMFORTABLE featuring it’s full length cushion sock lining and Rubber outsole and heel. The Full grain leather upper is soft and supple allowing the boot to “flex” with my strides, basically nothing is jamming into my foot and causing any blisters, just the way I like a pair of boots to be. The Leather is a faded gray color that simply just goes with anything I throw together. You can rock these boots with jeans or even leggings with long socks and a cute skirt. Anyway you wear them I can guarantee you will be comfortable and ready to stay on your toes all day like I just was in the city.  Check them out online at harley-davidsonfootwear.com