Street Legal Bumper Cars!

Tell us these are not the coolest little things you’ve ever seen??   Old bumper cars turned into street machines powered by Honda and Kawasaki 750 cc motorcycle engines.   Yes, you read that right, these little beasties are street legal. All were built by Tom Wright, a builder in the outskirts of San Diego who figured the leftovers of the Long Beach Pike amusement park needed a more dignified end than the trash heap. They were originally powered by Harley motors but they rattled like hell and Tom replaced them with Honda and Kawasaki 750’s.  How cool would it be to have one of these hanging out in your garage?

“LivER” to RIDE

No we didn’t misspell the moto-mantra so many riders use daily, we wanted to talk a little about how important it is to take care of your body in order  to enjoy those days out riding.  One of the most important organs in our body is our liver.
The liver is essential for carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, and it stores glycogen, vitamins, iron and blood. Responsible for secreting bile that aids digestive enzymes, it also enhances the absorption of fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins. The internal lining of the liver’s vascular channels contain specialized cells that remove toxins from the blood. Acting as a blood filter, it removes damaged red blood cells and foreign invaders.
When you experience toxic overload and the detoxification function of the liver is on overdrive, the other essential functions of the liver, such as metabolism, storage and bile secretion, are compromised. Toxic overload can subsequently impact every aspect of your life.

Take care of your liver and it will take care of you! For a healthy liver, The Tao of Wellness recommend taking these steps:
Eat well. Nourish your body with an organic, balanced, nutritious diet.
Incorporate herbs and acupuncture into your life to optimize the self-healing mechanism of  your mind and body.
Exercise regularly to keep chi and blood well circulated.
Detoxify regularly.
Keep a healthy mind by letting your breath align you to the current moment.
Avoid attachments to people and things that keep you stuck in stressful thought patterns.
Minimize toxic relationships.
Enjoy a sense of humor.
Beware of environmental toxins to avoid toxic overload.
Avoid substance abuse.

For more info on maintaining a healthy liver visit the Tao of Wellness.

For all our readers in Canada, you gotta check out the Women Riders Congress and Festival

Canada’s inaugural International Women Riders Congress and Festival (IWCF) will take place at Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville, Ontario, August 11 to 15, 2010, thanks to the efforts of the Women Riders’ Council of the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada (MCC).

With a theme of One World, One Ride, the IWCF will celebrate the achievements of women riders from across Canada and around the world while offering opportunities to enhance rider safety and enjoyment through skills training and educational seminars.   There will be a focus on common ground, creating synergy and reinforcing women riders as leaders and role models. Our vision is to continue making a positive difference in our motorcycling community and beyond.

It will be both educational and festive – with networking opportunities, organized tours, a charity trail ride, skills challenges, demo rides and vendors – something for both novice and experienced riders from all disciplines of riding.


If you’re looking for a friendly, mature gentleman to spend your time with, here I am! You can “bet” on me, Casino!

I’m here at Animal Friends because my owner had medical problems and could no longer take care of me. I’m used to being around people and love a good scratch behind the ears and long walks. And when I say long walks, that’s what I mean: as a beagle, I hope you don’t mind if I stop to sniff everything in sight!

I’d be a great companion for an older person or family, as I’m not that interested in playing. I just like to nose around and hang out with you! Please come see me at Animal Friends in Pittsburgh,PA!

You can have your cake and eat it too, Mustang Wide Tripper seat

Ready for comfort but still want a low, sleek looking seat? Look no further than Mustang….. they just extended the popular Tripper line of seats to include their new one-piece Wide Tripper™ with a full 14” width for the driver and 11” for the passenger.   Here’s the comfort you crave WITH the look you want!

The optional driver backrest provides superb back support for those longer rides.  It adjusts forward or back, up and down, and pivots to your back angle.  The backrest can be quickly added or removed without tools and easily folds to store in your saddlebag.

Mustang’s new Wide Tripper™ seat with Driver Backrest fits FL 1997-up models and sells for $579.

Celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, Mustang continues to proudly handcraft all their seats in the USA.  For more info, visit or call 800-243-1392.  Don’t  forget Mustang is offering special shipping for Garage-Girls readers, just call and mention shipping discount for Garage-Girls!

YOU Decide, who deserves the Ultimate Biker Makeover

This is it, the winners of the Ultimate Biker Makeover are up to you.  2 winners will be selected, both getting hooked up with……new riding Jacket and Gloves from Z1R,  a Vega helmet, HD Footwear boots, a cleaning kit from Wizards Products, a years subscription to IronWorks Magazine, a case of Synthetic oil from  Spectro Oils, a pair of riding glasses from 7 Eye, T-shirt from VaVaVroom, and a technology case from Otterbox. The one winner with the most amount of votes will also be scoring parts for his or her motorcycle such as, accessories from Kuryakyn, A set of AVON Tires and lots of  other goodies.

They need your vote to win.  Who will you choose?  The contestants are;

David Bardwell
down on his luck after losing his job at a Chevrolet dealership and has been forced to sell his house and possessions to care for his family.

Kathy Redman
After losing her husband to cancer all she wants to do his one day get his 81 Shovelhead back in running condition in his memory.

Judy Reed
A 52 year old rider that desperately needs help fitting her bike to herself

Please take  minute to go vote here and choose who you feel most deserves the Ultimate Biker Makeover 2010!

Need a New Riding Jacket?

Are you still sportin’ that lame ass “pleather” jacket you picked up at bike week 9 years ago??    Um, time to upgrade… Check these out from Z1R.  The men’s Marauder and the women’s Burlesque.  These jackets display Classic styling and quality materials which make them perfectly suited for all-day riding comfort and protection. 
  We especially like the fact that the women’s Burlesque jacket is feminine without going overboard… ya know no extra frilly, lacy add on’s. 
BTW, Whoever wins our Ultimate Biker Makeover is going to get hooked up with one of these Z1R riding jackets, so hope you entered, voting will begin here at Garage-Girls May 15th 2010, so get ready to cast your vote!