What do you get when you take a moment and a shy bunny and mix them with a bit of love? One look at Lazenby and you’ll know the answer!

Lazenby is a shy but lovable bunny who enjoys being held and tends to get along with other bunnies. If you give him a little burrow or box that he can retreat to or use for a bed, a blanket (he’s partial to fleece), and a chew toy or three, he’ll be on cloud nine. Unlike most rabbits, he’ll lay peacefully in your arms, and being picked up doesn’t faze him in the least.

We asked Lazenby if there was anything specific he wanted to say. “I love anything green. In fact, a nice green snack could have me eating out of your hand.” (We know this to be literally true) “But whatever you do, don’t feed me carrots. YUCK! I don’t know how anyone can eat those things… they’re ORANGE!”

You can see that Lazy’s a pretty unusual bunny. Despite being a little shy, he’s well-behaved, likes being petted, and pretty content with life. He even keeps his home nice and tidy as long as he has a little retreat space. All he needs now is to be a part of your life. PLEASE Visit him at Animal Friends today!

The Broken Spoke Sturgis Campground is growing

It has been said that this year’s 70th anniversary Bike Week in Sturgis is going to be the biggest. Well folks, the numbers are in already and The Broken Spoke Saloon and Campground has to grow. Every cabin has been reserved and every RV location has been filled, so with this news, the Broken Spoke Saloon staff is feverishly working on doubling our capacity. Each lockable cabin is furnished with A/C, small fridge and a microwave. Cabins fit up to four people comfortably and can set be up single or double beds….as you like! We provide fresh linens, pillows and comforters for your pleasure. Park your bike and vehicles around your cabin, no problem. Small, front porch to grill and enjoy life!
All of our campers enjoy the luxury of clean hot showers, the biggest biker pool in the state of Sturgis and the hottest bikini clad bartenders to help quench your thirst after a hard day of riding the Black Hills. Don’t forget about the free beer hour that takes place pool side, every day from 4 to 5. The daily and nightly concerts and contests will keep you well entertained. What more would you expect from the location that was named the “Best event in 2009”? 
Please take a moment and go to and reserve your newly constructed cabin or prestige RV location. There are plenty of tent camping locations available also.
Be sure to check out our new blog for the up to the minute news on any of our Broken Spoke Saloon location

Ultimate Biker Makeover Prize; A case of Spectro Oil

We all know how pricey oil is these days, especially full synthetic oil.  How would a FREE case of oil sound? You could win a full case of Spectro full synthetic oil if you are chosen to win the Ultimate Biker Makeover. Hurry up get your submission in before the deadline of May 10th 2010. Click here for more info. 

 Tech Tip; if you want to know how a multi-weight oil works, here is a breakdown for you.  

A multi-weight oil is an oil formulation that acts as if it has two different viscosities, depending on the temperature. At the lower test temperature 40C, it flows as the first number would indicate, and at the higher test temperature 100C, it flows as the second number would indicate. This multi-weight nature is made possible by the addition of long-chain polymers to the oil, which are coiled up when cold, but straighten out when hot, and thus change the flow characteristics of the oil. Thus a 10w40 oil will flow like a 10 weight oil when at 40C fairly thin, but will not thin out more than a 40 weight oil would when hot 100C.

Intro To Spin part 4

In part 4 of our intro to spin series ACE certified Personal Trainer Diane Heinauer shows us the different positions in spinning. If our series has encouraged you to get out and try a class please drop us a note to let us know how you like it.

Ultimate Biker Makeover Prize

One of the prizes in the Ultimate Biker Makeover is a brand new seat from Mustang Motorcycle Seats. (they will hook you up with a seat for your exact model motorcycle) 
So hurry up get your submissions in before the deadline May 10th 2010. click here for details
Also Don’t forget…. 
Mustang is very happy to offer a huge shipping discount (it’s just about free) to all Garage Girls and their friends. 
Just call 800-243-1392 or email their Marketing Director for info.