Leslie Porterfield is fastest woman in the world on a motorcycle

According to the Guinness book of world records on march 12th, Leslie Porterfield has earned the title of fastest woman on a motorcycle. 
She won the honor for reaching 232.522 mph during the last BUB Bonneville Salt Flats trials, riding a 2000 cc turbo-charged Suzuki Hayabusa.  It takes time for the FIM (International Federation Of Motorcycling) to officialize a record, and even more so for the Guinness Book to publish.  Leslie now has her eyes set on the fastest person in the world as she is prepping to be at El Mirage, California in May and then again at the salt flats Bonneville.  Leslie also operates a motorcycle dealership in texas, High Five Cycles. 


Hello! If you’re wondering about my breed, the Beagle, I am a curious, loving breed. If you’re looking for a friendly lap dog, I’m your perfect match! I love lots of attention, and I’ll let you pet me and cuddle as long as you like! I’m not used to playing a lot, but hopefully it’s something you can help me learn to enjoy!

I am looking for a home without small children, but I am happy to live with kids over age 9. I am very gentle and affectionate towards older children. I also prefer to be the only dog in the house. A fenced yard would be perfect for me. I need an experienced owner who is willing to do some training with me, although I am mostly housebroken.

So, if you’re looking for lap dog, I’m your match! I would love to get to know you better! Please visit Animal Friends to inquire about me!


Do you really enjoy holding that cell phone up to your head for a conversation?  Your arm and fingers start to cramp, the phone gets real hot and the phones today are getting smaller and smaller. Cindy from BikerIncite turned us onto these super sweet retro styled phone handsets. 
With plenty of cool colors and styles to choose from there is sure to be one with your name all over it.  Just think you can take it back to the days of hangin’ out on your bed chatting for hours with friends and catching up. Come on, get real, too busy to catch up with friends? Get over yourself, your not that busy, life is too short to only communicate through texts and tweets! Hey don’t forget the health concerns of always being on your cell, get that thing away from our head it’s full of radiation, the YUBZ handset will keep your cell away from you. 
The handset is available in a variety of colors: Jet Black, Chalk Pink, Rock Gold (limited edition), Russian Red, Lemon Yellow, Army Green, Sky Blue, Orchid Purple, Meadow Green, and Florida Orange. Be sure to check out the artist series.  Check them out here

Throttle Gals Magazine Rumbles to Life Featuring Gearhead Gals

We wanted to share this with you guys, our very own Garage-Girl Trish from Baker Drivetrain is also partner in Throttle Gals magazine, a 
 different kind of hot rod magazine, one in which the women who are featured are also the owners of the vehicles. 
Throttle Gals features awesome women, with bad-ass rides. 
Co-founders, Doni Langdon and Trish Horstman, realized there was a definite hole in the publishing industry. There are women’s magazines, and there are bike, automotive and off-roading magazines.  When asked about the new publication and its format, Doni replied, “Rarely do these magazines intersect, even though the number of women participating in auto sports is on the rise. A lot of women aren’t satisfied riding on the back of a bike, or in the passenger seat of her ol’ man’s hot rod.  They want to be in control of the machine, not just along for the ride.”  Langdon and Horstman are on a mission, fill the gap between the types of magazines by having an outlet for the women who deserve the spotlight. Throttle Gals is that magazine. 
Throttle Gal features women who build, ride and work on cars, bikes, trucks… anything with an engine!  Its premiere issue featured Athena Ransom, owner of Vagabond Choppers as its cover story, along with Amy Baas and her daily driver ’48 Dodge truck;  Janell Bennet and her intriguing collection of cars, and many other exciting and capable women. Upcoming features will include Leslie Porterfield, who holds a land speed record on the salt flats of Bonneville and Casey Coker from Coker Tire, along with many other fantastic women. Each issue also contains tech features, ranging from entry-level topics such as tire changing and fluid changes, to more advanced tech features such as forming metal, painting, and engine/drivetrain tech. Throttle Gals honors women from the past, who have pioneered our way, as well as those who are pushing the limits of today.
You can find Throttle Gal Magazine info online at www.throttlegals.com.  Both print and digital versions of this pioneering magazine, and a full preview of issues will be posted on its web site.
For more information contact-
Doni Langdon – editor and publisher, and founder

Mass. Tattoo & Art Festival. by Angela Arpin, images by Jolene Perry

Once again tattoo artists from all over the country descended upon the Sturbridge Host Hotel for the annual MA Tattoo & Art Festival. Whether you wanted to get a body piercing, a tattoo, or just take in the sights-this event was nothing less than a sensory overload; from the music, to the artwork, to the entertainment-in my opinion, was more than worth the cost of admission.
A wide array of vendors had their booths set up with merchandise that was just as diverse and eclectic as the tattoos that were being given; original artwork which entailed anything from a framed picture, to stencil drawings, to figurines that were made up entirely of tattoo instrument devices. There was something for everyone. 
If you were not fixated with the dozen or so hand painted devil masks, or the seemingly innocent appearing (until closer inspection) wall of onesies , you most certainly would have been fixated after being drawn to the entertainment. Which brings me to, (in my opinion)-the highlight of the event. The “Lucky Dare Devil ThrillShow”. 
The beautiful and mesmerizing “Dominatrix of Danger” Thrill Kill Jill, and the very charismatic ringmaster Tyler Frye, had the undivided attention of the crowd from the beginning until the very end of their stage show. To say that they had captivated the audience,(myself included)-would be an understatement. 
This show is definitely something that would need to be experienced firsthand, no words could do it justice-however, I will give you a glimpse into the gut-wrenching, heart-stopping world that is the “Lucky Daredevil ThrillShow”: sword swallowing, knife throwing, chainsaws, contortions, snake charming, audience participation in the assistance of a stunt, etc.- all intermingled with clever and comedic  intros.                
I highly recommend  attending any event which has the “Lucky Daredevil Thrillshow”as the entertainment. Without a doubt, I give this event a 5 spark plug rating!
make sure to visit “Lucky Daredevil Thrillshow” website:
 For info on next years show visit zazaink.com


At first glance, I may look exactly like the little dog that you have been waiting to find. Take a closer look, and you will discover that I am a survivor of the commercial dog breeding industry. Experiencing a new world that is full of sights, sounds, and sensations can be overwhelming for me. Are you the one that can help me through my journey? 

I am looking for an extraordinary home. You are the family I am looking for if you:
1) have a quiet adult home with a social dog that can bond with me and help me learn
2) have great patience especially with housetraining and understand that I will need my own “safe haven” (a crate)
3) understand I may never learn to play and accept that I may never become a lap dog
4) are aware that I may have ongoing medical needs

Animal Friends does not want to discourage individuals from offering their hearts and homes to a former commercial breeding facility dog in need. We simply want to educate prospective adopters of the potential challenges. Often the commitment of time, patience, training, and health care needs exceed the expectations of the average pet owner.

If you choose to adopt one of these special dogs, you will watch them learn about living in a real home with a loving family. Contact Animal Friends for more info.

David Uhl’s fifth addition to his “Vintage Pin Up” series “The Liberator”.

In David’s words, “This particular piece in the series of Pin Up cheese cake has to do with Harley-Davidson’s campaign involving the military.  I liked their thinking on this one…… saluting the troops and all.  My version actually involves the odd WWII flathead called the “Liberator”. 
 It wasn’t the most attractive bike having every surface painted flat green, but it was historically accurate, down to the Thompson automatic machine gun. I wanted to do a classic Elvgrin  pose straight from the 40’s involving some unsuspecting beauty getting her skirt caught on some prop…absolutely cheese-ball but nevertheless effective for our viewing enjoyment. I would like to thank Aubrey for the insanity we put her through to get her in that pose, Tobie Orr for the make up and costume, John Mueller for some great photographic work and Stukie D for the optimization of the composition.
 “The Liberator” is available in a very limited canvas print release and collectors of the rest of the series have first right of refusal for their matching numbers. Contact Greg Rhodes for more information 303-913-4840 or visit uhlstudios.com 



After a rough adjustment, Precious has quickly become one of our favorites here at Animal Friends. This sweet little cat will come up to you and show her affection by rubbing against you and giving you long deep purrs. She is great with using both the scratching post and litterbox and loves to spend her days watching everything going on outside the window. She even gets along with the family dog! All it takes is a little bit of love. Please visit Animal Friends to learn more about taking her home! 

Initial Spring Fire Up

When it’s time to bring your bike back out of storage and take it for that first spring ride start by putting your bike into first gear, disengage the clutch and push the bike back and forth a few times. This will insure the clutch is working properly and you won’t have to worry about the bike moving at initial start up.  Make sure your battery is fully charged and place it back in the bike if you had it removed for charging, or just disconnect your quick connect battery charger. Remove and inspect spark plugs, change if needed. Clean out your air filter, you’d be surprised what can find it’s way in your air cleaner over the storage months. Inspect your tires, make sure you have plenty of “meat” left on them and check your air pressure, fill with air if needed. You can find your air pressure listed on your frame or in your service manual. Inspect your lighting (high and low beam and turn signals and brake light) and horn, make sure all is working properly. Start the engine and let it reach normal running temperature.  Check all fluid levels and fill if needed.  Be safe out there on the road. Drivers aren’t used to seeing motorcycles on the road and they are distracted themselves those first few warm days. It’s their first ride with the windows down, music playing loud and lets face it, cell phones….  Also pay attention to the debris still in the road, you’ll find a lot of sand and salt at intersections and on the side of the road still.  Have fun and Be safe!