V-Twin Expo Report

SLP_7630_ SLP_7633_ SLP_7637_ SLP_7689_ SLP_7725_ SLP_7723_ SLP_7726_ SLP_7732_ SLP_7735_ SLP_7738_ SLP_7745_A quick peek into exciting moto stuff to come in 2016. This is the show to find all of the greatest vendors, OEM’s and aftermarket guru’s showcasing their best newest products and trusted favorites to the dealers who proudly offer them to you.  Dealers and media can enjoy some one on one time with the companies direct, an excellent opportunity to further education with conversations and examples.   Of course there is also the informative seminars  provided by the V-Twin Expo where you could get some inside tips from top industry experts.    As usual one of the highlights of attending this show is the opportunity to spend some time with friends from all over that you might not get to see very often.  It has become the “pre-Season” starter to get everyone fired up for the riding season to come and the amazing products that will be hitting the streets.