Update from 2014 Ultimate Biker Makeover winner

me and green toys_

“I see your deadline for the Garage Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover is fast approaching, so I thought I would send you my newest pic of my 56 Panhead, now that it is painted along with my 74 Rallye Charger!  My 81 Ironhead is in the newest edition of The Horse magazine, with a four page feature and my Panhead tattoo sleeve was featured in their Tattoo Corner in last month’s edition!  The bike also got a four page feature in Wild Motorcycles magazine, out of France a few months ago.

I am currently putting the finishing touches on both my Panhead and my Charger.  I am in the midst of completing my Knucklehead sleeve on my left arm and hopefully by next year, I will be riding my 39 EL Knuckle.  My 73 Rallye Challenger has finally went into the shop where my paint and bodyman, Jim Crabb will start working his magic to make it Plum Crazy Purple.

Life has been so exciting and I hope I can spread motivation to others!  I can’t believe it has been almost a year since I won the 2014 Garage Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover!

Good luck to each and every person who has entered or will enter the contest!  Winning  truly was a dream come true and I will be forever grateful!”

Chris Gibbany
Harrison, Arkansas