Spectro Oils; a new site designed for you!

We get tons of questions daily around here about which oil to use on certain applications. Synthetic vs. semi-synthetic?, what to use on transmissions etc.
Well,  those answers are now even easier to come by with the launch of Spectro Oils newly designed website which focuses on an easier Navigation and Simpler Design To Help Customers Find Exactly What They Are Looking For.
The website was updated for easier navigation, and to provide visitors with an extremely user-friendly environment; one that enables Spectro® to supply detailed and helpful information across more topics, more often. Additional features to the site include an updated “dealer locator”, photo galleries and a customer Q&A section. Coming soon:  will be software for a lubricant consultant, which will inform customers which Spectro oil product to use in their specific application.
“Our new site is bigger, better and packed with the latest information about Spectro’s product lineup and motorcycle events that we support,” stated Rollin Karoll, Vice President of Sales at Spectro Oils. “You can now buy Spectro promotional products directly from us and review MSDS and technical information sheets about each product with a few simple clicks.”
So, if you have some questions about oils, which to use, and why head on over to the Spectro site and “click around”, all the info you could need will be right there!