Garage-Girls Profile; Stacy Bortz, one fast Lady!

Stacey Bortz is a true racing junkie! After street riding for several years and spending lots of time in her boyfriends machine shop (Gregg’s Machine) soaking up all the thrills of machining and making horsepower, it wasn’t long before she found herself ready to learn the art of drag racing.
After racing her street machine superglide and feeling that she had taken this bike as far as she could, she decided it was time to purchase a true drag bike!
With that drag bike Stacey ended the year with 2 wins, 1 runner up and taking second place overall.  Pretty dam impressive.  Stacey hits the 1/4 mile in 9.40s around 145 mph plus…  we love it!!!   We asked Stacey some questions here is what she shared…
GG. Tell us about you, where are you from,what are you into and what do you like to do with your free time?
SB. I am from Uniontown PA, 33 years old.  I am an insurance broker at Penn Summit Insurance. Ive been doing this for 14 years. I love my job and I really enjoy helping my clients.
Aside from working, riding and racing my bikes, I am really into fitness, and natural health.  I am very consciencious about what I eat and I love to grow and cook with organic veggies. My garden is my favorite place to be.
I am a  reiki master and teacher and practice that along with other natural healing modalities. I am very much into music and  pretty much need to have music around me 24-7.  I love to go to see live shows as often as possible.
Im a gemini, so maybe that explains the extreme opposites that Ive found balance with– one one side I love quiet meditative hobbies  versus. loud rock shows and superfast drag racing .. it works for me.
GG. How did you find your passion for Drag Racing bikes, how long have you been doing it?
SB. Once I decided to try it there was no going back. When I said that I wanted to do this,  we planned  that I would start learning the following spring (2007).  That gave Gregg time over the winter to build my stock superglide motor up to 114 cubic inches, stretch the swingarm ,change out the transmission and build some pipes.  So I learned to race on a hot rod rather than working up to one. I loved it immediately. Knowing that you can, and doing something that you may be afraid to do is is the most rewarding experience ever. From that first bike Ive graduated to a true drag bike.  The one Im racing now is a 120 cubic inch motor on a custom chassis.  At 180 horsepower, I run pretty consistently in the mid 9’s at speeds between 142-145 mph.  This season I won a couple races and came in 2nd place overall in Hot Street.  I also set a national record in Hot street for 1/8 mile mph at 122.23.
GG. What do you most love about it?
SB. There’s alot to love, what I love most on a personal level about it is the sense of accomplishment from reaching goals and kicking ass. And of course, the rush after coming off of a high speed run.
On a larger scale, I love being a part of this. Ive met some amazing people. There are 7 of us racing out of our pit, plus a network of spouses and friends who come to the races for support. Every race is like a family event.
GG. Do you have a sweet car or motorcycle other than your drag bike?
SB. Other than my drag bike, I still ride my 02 superglide on the street. its a 10 second bike, so its a ton of fun to ride on the street. If you crack the throttle in second gear it lays tire.  I just got a 78 lowrider style black paint job on it with hand painted pinstripes and hand painted decals. I chose 78 because thats the year I was born!
Both of my bikes were covered and shown in the September issue of Ironworks Magazine in the article about GMS. ( Notice the Garage-Girls sticker on my drag bike!! its been there all year!)  Thanks Stacey, YOU ROCK!!!
GG. What are you most passionate about in life?
SB. music,art,animals,spirituality,health and wellness, riding/racing … I could go on all day,but I cant really narrow that answer down to one specific thing.
GG. Is there anything you would love to learn to do?
SB. I would love to learn how to play the steel guitar
GG. Where would you most like to visit?
SB. Peru, India,Thailand..I have a long list.
GG. What is your idea of relaxing?
SB. If Im at home, gardening or hanging out with my cat or reading, but my favorite places to completely zone out and relax are the beach or the mountains
GG. What type of music do you normally listen to?
SB. I love a wide range of music, Im especially fond of the drive by truckers an the alt-country/rock genres
GG. Do you collect anything?
SB. Not really.  I buy tons of books, but not to “collect” them intentionally..I end up giving them away.

Stacey Bortz you inspire us! We love all the things you are into and look forward to watching you make your new goals happen. Pick up that Steel Guitar girl, we know you’ll be able to ROCK it!  Be sure to keep us all in the loop of your racing goals!  ~GG.