International Female Ride Day Rides Around the World for the 5th Year on Friday 6 May!

Ladies, we want to know how you feel about International Female Ride day?  We have heard lots of you claim “why do we need a separate female ride day?”  Do you feel this keeps women  separated from riders in general, do you want to be considered a “rider” or a “female rider”? Do you even care? Tell us how you feel about it….
This year International Female Ride Day celebrates its fifth year of women riders getting on their motorcycles to JUST RIDE. With four years of history bringing awareness for women riders, the force created and expected for the fifth year of this globally synchronized action will be nothing less than phenomenal! More women, and more countries are including themselves in the campaign and those already participating are bumping up the game plan with expanded actions for Friday May 6th.
Countless women riders participate year after year delighting in their role to “just ride” on International Female Ride Day. For them, this annual occasion is unlike any other motorcycle event and has become the activity “not to be missed” in women riders’ agendas. “The growth and dedication each year of proud and enthusiastic participants who have supported the concept from the get-go, is wonderful.
International FEMALE RIDE DAY “fever” significantly magnifies each year and 2011 expects to host and welcome more riders and participants than in year’s prior. Canada, United States, Australia, England, The Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Poland, Israel, Qatar, Denmark and Russia as well as other countries will again be contributing to the campaign in compelling numbers. In 2010, International Female Ride Day was recognized by the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM).