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WIZARDS® WATER BANDIT™ is the softest all purpose synthetic chamois available. It is lint free, won’t smear, streak or scratch, making it the perfect choice for any high quality paint job. WATER BANDIT™ is recommended for washing, wiping, cleaning and drying virtually any surface. Its ripple design provides extra durability as well as elasticity. It is also resistant to grease, oil and detergents. WATER BANDIT™’s softness originates from a unique open-cell polyvinyl material that produces an extremely high water absorption rate plus excellent water retention, making it virtually drip-free; easy for auto, cycle, marine, truck, home and industrial use. The WATER BANDIT™ will absorb nearly 8 times its weight in water, and is very easy to wring out. The new improved WATER BANDIT™ is heavier than our previous version, making it more absorbent than before and able to hold more water than other chamois on the market.
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