Gratitude Time of year

How to Stay True to your lifestyle and STILL enjoy the Holidays. By, Share Ross of Raw Pirate Gourmet
We have found out that more than a few of our readers are Vegan or RAW foodies and some of the traditional food post/recipe’s we post might not appeal to them…. So we decided to “share”  with you some of the postings from Share Ross’s Raw Pirate Gourmet.
Being a raw foodie and going to holiday parties and all the socializing events of the season can be challenging to say the least! But ultimately, it’s all about gratitude. So instead of getting stressed out, I’ve made a short list of how to let your love shine and stay true to your intentions.
BRING SOMETHING When you’re going to a party or event at someone else’s house, the easiest way to ensure you will have something ‘you can eat’ is to make it yourself and bring it along. Usually the host or family member will be thrilled that you offered to help out. What’s happened to us is that more often than not a couple of people end up tasting the dish we bring and suddenly a conversation sparks up and there is a lot of interest in the raw vegan lifestyle! So you may be feeding more than just your tummy. You might be feeding someone’s curiosity, too!
GET ACTIVE One key way to keep your hand out of the cookie jar is to help out wherever and however you can. Don’t even wait to be asked, just start clearing up plates and dishes. Start washing up. Ask who wants to go for a walk. See what the kids are up to and join them in a video game. Offer to give a neck massage to someone who might really need it. We rawbies tend to have more energy from our food choices so put your energy to good use! Share the love inside of you in a helpful way and that will keep temptations at bay.
SMILE AND SAY THANK YOU Finally, there are just situations where you partake in food that you’re not used to. Cooked veggies, cakes, cookies, whatever it may be. When you’re in that situation, rather than making a huge fuss, I simply say a silent blessing over the food and ask the universe to put it the best use possible and then smile and thank my host. Obviously, I don’t put my health at risk and am not suggesting you put yours at risk. But within reason, there are times when I would just like to enjoy the company and after all, the holidays are truly about love and friendship.
I hope you are having a wonderful start to your holidays. If you’re in the  South Florida area, please check out site for info on our local Meetup group in Lake Worth the second Wednesday of every month at Darbster at 6:30 pm. We welcome all stages of raw foodies to discuss, enjoy and inspire!