This is Brady, aka Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome. He’s a very sweet and affectionate boy who just loves people. In fact, he loves them so much that he has expressed his desire to be the only pet in a household. That way, he can be the center of attention with his new family. Never fear though, he has more than enough enthusiasm and affection for everyone and can easily handle the job of family dog on his own.
Brady has very good manners and would be happy to display his “sit” upon request. Of course, a small treat in exchange would make his day! He’s very intelligent and would like to continue his education once he leaves the shelter. Feel free to ask your adoption counselor for more information.
Brady would do best in a fenced yard. Being that he is a strong boy who has opinions about other dogs means that walking him in crowded urban areas isn’t always the most fun. In a yard where he can romp and run, he can cut loose and really enjoy himself. Add a few human siblings in their mid teens and wow, that’s going to be one hopping yard!

We know the perfect home for Brady is out there somewhere. Is it yours? Come meet him at Animal Friends!