Bob Dylan is such a loving, calm dog. He is so accepting of people and trusts they will love him too. He enjoys attention, hugs and love. Bob came to Animal Friends because he had been abused, but you would never know that for all the love and acceptance he shows.
You also would never know that Bob is a senior boy (he’s a twelve-year-old Beagle/Lab mix). He loves to run around in the play yard. He doesn’t ask for toys — he runs just for the joy of being outside and being able to do so. Yet if you talk him for a walk, he walks beautifully, so calm and comfortable.
It doesn’t stop there. He is good-looking too, mostly white with some dark speckles on his back with tan head and tail. And his eyes are just soft and warm. Come meet our Bob Dylan today at Animal Friends.

editors note, I personally have walked Bob lots of times, he is such a sweet, sweet boy!